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BioNatur ULD Covers by M&G Packaging

Article submitted by M&G Packaging – Recipient of TIACA’s 2019 Sustainability Award

Written by: Chris Paladino

M&G Packaging was a proud finalist for the first TIACA Sustainability Award in 2019. M&G was recognized for its BioNatur ULD covers and plastic sheeting, manufactured with a blend of resins including traditional LDPE plastic and a propriety, natural, plant-based biopolymer.  The resulting blends significantly reduce fossil fuel-based plastic usage and greenhouse gas generation, while demonstrating long shelf life and higher strength and puncture-resistance that polyethylene plastic alone.  This feature also allows M&G to downgauge the production of these BioNatur Plastic products, using less material overall while maintaining or improving performance.

Recently released to the marketplace is our BioNatur version of the most widely used plastic products in packaging — stretch wrap. M &G has introduced a plastic formulated with a proprietary additive that renders the material biodegradable in a landfill environment.

Because of how stretch wrap is used, it is almost impossible to collect and process for recycling.  By manufacturing with this additive, BioNatur Plastic stretch wrap performs as well or better than traditional plastic stretch wraps, with completely stable shelf life.  Infused with a blend of organic material found on the EPA’s “GRAS” (Generally Regarded as Safe) list, these products are specifically designed to biodegrade when placed in a landfill low-oxygen environment.

Charles Rick, President of M&G Packaging, lists Worldwide Flight Services, LATAM, United Airlines and Delta Airlines as a few of the customers for BioNatur Plastic products. According to Charles, “we’re excited to be the leader in bringing truly biodegradable plastics to the industry. This product actually biodegrades under landfill conditions, unlike other products that only degrade into tiny particles of plastic which can cause even greater problems as they enter water supplies and other environments.”

We hope you’ll watch this short (1 minute 21 second) video to learn more about BioNatur products.  For more, contact Charles at (800) 240-5288.