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Innovation and Digitalization: Critical Air Cargo Industry Success Factors

Written by: Glyn Hughes, Director General

The course of global business and of global society in general has undeniable taken a changed course following the impact of the Covid pandemic.  How we work, how we live, how we interact have been completely changed and the notion of return to “old normal” is not realistic.

We have all moved on and technology has been leading the way forward and will continue to do so.  Future success will be determined by those who identify, embrace and capitalize on new opportunities. 

In that regard, the air cargo industry will also need to embrace these new opportunities.  A recent report published by StartUs Insights which analyzed nearly 800 startup business identified a number of Industry 4.0 technological trends, all of which will influence or impact how the future air cargo industry operates.  The full report can be found here

The top 10 identified trends are;

Many of these are already heavily influencing air cargo operational efficiency and a number of new solutions and industry best practices have resulted.

When it comes to innovation, digitalization and technological implementation… it is very true to say that standing still is actually moving backwards.