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It's a Wrap - Digital ACF Calls for Unity, Collaboration and Transparency

So what is the overall take away from the Digital Air Cargo Forum, held December 1st and 10th?  The underlying theme that everyone seemed to be talking about during the event, was unity, collaboration and transparency.

People4Cargo  – engaging team members even in times of crisis, bringing them together to get the job done, and promoting a people positive culture in an ever changing industry.

Sustainability4Cargo – sustainability is important to our industry and we as an industry are committed to reducing its environmental footprint. To accomplish our sustainability goals we must rely on partnership and engage with our partners and the industry.

Airports4Cargo – cargo is important to airports as well as the industry and in order to succeed as a successful air cargo community – airports need to increase the use of digitalization within their community, be transparent and collaborate with all members of the air cargo community.

Cargo4Vaccines – The air cargo industry is ready to deliver vaccines – but  we need action to get the job done safely and quickly. Project Sunrays issued the following call for action: we need industry collaboration, visibility and transparency from production to end delivery, a scale up our capabilities, security both physical and cyber, support from regulators and NGOs. Read the press release. 

Drones4Cargo – Use of drones in air cargo will offer aviation opportunities and will augment the industry by delivering cargo to areas affected with difficult conditions. Drones will become an important part of the supply chain and we should work together with Drone operators.

UnitingAirCargo –  This session was a great wrap-up of the entire event as it underlined the need for unity, collaboration, trust and transparency. We need to work together to identify and find solutions for inefficiencies in the supply chain, focus on our people, increase use of technology and use of digitalization and improve trust and transparency between our partners.

While we cannot predict what is coming in 2021, TIACA remains committed to uniting the air cargo industry by working with our members and partners to promote our vision for the air cargo industry.

Our vision is a safe, profitable and united air cargo industry that embraces modern technologies and practices to sustainably and fairly serve trade and social development worldwide.

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