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They make air cargo very special

This month, Cargo Pulse is focused on Digitalization. Several of our members volunteered to contribute to this edition, talking about APIs, contactless, customer portals, digital community platforms, real-time monitoring, advanced electronic information, data analytics… all these to bring more transparency, efficiency, simplicity.

Shippers are looking for exceptionally reliable logistics, combining speed, efficiency, and transparency. Meeting customers’ expectations requires high-quality services, specific expertise and training, adequate physical and digital infrastructure, innovative solutions, and compliance with rigorous regulations.

Our industry needs a vision, front-runners to launch innovative approaches, industry standards for mass adoption and operability, as well as industry collaboration, open dialog between the various players and a community-based mindset. With trust and strong partnership, challenges can be addressed faster and more positively.

TIACA’s vision for air cargo

As we need to define the next normal, it is important to set ambitious goals and accelerate digital and sustainable transformation of the air cargo industry to meet and exceed shippers’ expectations and satisfaction.

Air cargo will be safe, efficient, exceptionally reliable, digital, and sustainable. Waste will be minimal, and product integrity will be maximal. Shippers will be satisfied with the service excellence provided by air cargo providers, as proven by a low number of claims, making them chose air as their preferred mode of transport.

Making air cargo fully digital from booking, payment, tracing, reporting, invoicing, claims is a foundation to achieve this vision.