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Week 2 - Digital Air Cargo Forum Recap

The second week of TIACA’s Digital Air Cargo Forum continued with the underlying theme of collaboration and the importance of air cargo. While each session was focused on a specific topic, Cargo4Vaccines, Drones4Cargo and UnitingAirCargo these factors consistently contributed to the discussions.
Key take a ways from the sessions are as follows:


  • Sunrays issues call for action: We need industry collaboration, visibility and transparency from production to end delivery, scale up our capabilities, security both physical and cyber, support from regulators and NGOs
  • The airfreight industry is more prepared than it was 3 months ago and is willing to do what it takes to get the job done
  • Collaboration, communication and transparency will be critical for the safe transport of vaccines
  • Need for information in order to analyze risks, capacities and capabilities to safely deliver vaccines to developing countries
  • The air cargo industry will be essential to the transport and delivery of vaccines to all parts of the world
  • Sunrays Project to release white paper soon

“Yes – the air cargo industry is ready to deliver vaccines.”


  • Drones will offer the aviation opportunities to create new routes, businesses, unlock economies, reduce emissions and develop point-to-point routes at smaller airports
  • Use of Drones in the industry will augment our industry by delivering cargo to areas with difficult conditions
  • Drone technology will help reach every man, woman and child with vital medicines
  • Drones will allow connection of  smaller economies to larger economies – allowing economies to flourish
  • The Drone industry will become an important piece of the entire supply chain

TIACA welcomes cargo drone players to the air cargo family.



  • We cannot predict what is coming in 2021
  • Identify and find solutions for inefficiencies in the supply chain
  • Focus on our people – encourage new skills and develop the next generation of leaders
  • Increase use of technology and integration of digitlization
  • Collaboration is key – we need to work together as an industry
  • We need to improve trust and transparency between our partners

Our commitment to our members and partners is we will continue to work towards Uniting the Air Cargo Industry

Air Cargo Sustainability Awards

Corporate Category

Start-up Category

Reusable shipping containers from recyclable components

Humanitarian and medical cargo drones


Hall of Fame Award 2020 Winner

Larry Coyne – Coyne Airways

Has built a strong reputation for providing reliable and secure scheduled cargo services to some of the world’s most difficult to reach destinations, pioneering routes into the Caucases (Central Asia), as well as Afghanistan, Iraq as well as the oil-and-gas rich Sakhalin Island (Russia). Today’s services have expanded to include Africa, the Gulf and the Caspain regions.

Is a passionate advocate of security, liberalization of cargo traffic rights and the removal of obstacles to the growth of the industry.