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TIACA works with experts from across the globe to offer Consultancy from a range of disciplines to support members and the industry at large.

TIACA Consultants are vetted and approved by the TIACA Board in a procedure similar to the vetting system for TIACA membership.

TIACA Consultancy work has included:

Ministry of Civil Aviation of India air cargo study

Objective: to rationalize the movement of air cargo and facilitate the conduction of business in India. TIACA Board members participated in the study, with Amar More, Kale Logistics recognised in the Final Report of the Committee on National Air Cargo Community System (ACS)

Outcome: The best practices and recommendations of this Report can be replicated in any country, laying a strong foundation to the digital future of air cargo.

African Infrastructure Funding and Financing

Objective: Facilitate meeting with International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) officials and Brussels Airport Company management to assess the possibilities of providing Consultancy and practical assistance to African airports to implement the “Airport Community” concept. This concept does not require capital investment, but the creation of a framework for better collaboration between all the services at the airport involved in air cargo.

Outcome: TIACA is meeting with the European Civil Aviation Conference (ECAC) and DG Move in June 2018 to discuss the possibility of TIACA facilitating the project.

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