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You will recall that TIACA has been working together with a large group of international organizations on the COVID19-related issues. Reports on this have been placed in the earlier issues of the Friday Flyer and other media.

One of the landmarks of this week – adoption of a new report and recommendations (attached) aimed at restarting the international air transport system and aligning its global recovery.  

The COVID-19 report was developed through broad-based consultations with countries, international and regional organizations. TIACA was requested and submitted several written and oral proposals on the way to the completion of this report. 

The COVID-19 report  is aiming to provide the high-level guidance which governments and industry needs to begin restarting international air transport and recover from COVID-19. The report is accompanied by a Take-Off guidelines for public health risk mitigation measures and four separate modules relating to airports, aircraft, crew, and air cargo.  The CART Report will be regularly reviewed and updated based on the latest data and information received from all stakeholders. The air cargo community is one of them, and we will continue submitting our information and advice to this body of international organizations headed by ICAO.

Download the Cargo Report Now. 

ICAO – Cart Report

ICAO – Cart Take Off