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Advocating for the use of dynamic load factors

TIACA calls for the air cargo industry to adopt the dynamic load factor methodology, developed by CLIVE Data Services, in addition to the traditional weight-based load factor indicators. Taking into account both volumes and weight, the dynamic load factors give a better view on how air cargo capacity is being utilized.   

More on dynamic load factor methodology (pdf).

TIACA provides its members with dynamic load factor analysis through monthly economics briefings and regular Economics4Cargo webinars exclusive to TIACA members.


In partnership with CLIVE Data Services, we organize regular Economics4Cargo webinars aimed at providing members and partners with the latest economic updates. 

Upcoming sessions:

March 11th – 10:00 am CET

Regional focus: Asia, Africa and Middle East

March 11th – 5:00 pm CET

Regional focus: Europe and Americas

Monthly Economic Report

TIACA launched a monthly airfreight economic briefing provided by CLIVE Data Systems with a focus on dynamic load factor results in air cargo.

January 2021

Exceptional global air cargo load factors in the last two weeks of January saw 2021 begin with an unusual New Year ‘peak season’ as demand and supply were closely matched, according to the latest weekly market data from CLIVE Data Services.

CLIVE’s ‘dynamic loadfactor’ analyses for the first four weeks of the year ending 31 January, based on the volume and weight perspectives of cargo flown and capacity available, shows a load factor of 66% for the period . As a whole, up 9% pts year-on-year. The global dynamic loadfactor for the last two weeks of January however, saw an exceptional 10-15% pts rise over the same days of January 2020.

Strong, and historically atypical l, demand for the start of a new year indicates that air cargo’s slow road to recovery continues. Global volumes in January 2021 were -4.5% compared to the same month a year ago, similar to December, and maintained month-on-month improvements following the -13% gap in year-on-year chargeable weight data reported by CLIVE Data Services in November.

Available global air cargo capacity in the four weeks to 31 January was -18% compared to 2020.

  • Full January 2021 economic report (pdf)

Get access to exclusive economic briefings

Monthly Economics4Cargo webinars run by TIACA and CLIVE provide a global and regional overview of our industry. Interested in a preview of a webinar or sponsoring the next one? Contact Kenneth Gibson below for more information.