A step towards our industry’s transformation

A step towards our industry’s transformation

TIACA’s new online Cargo Service Quality (CSQ) tool is aimed at improving visibility and facilitating global standards across the air cargo supply chain. Over the summer 18 airports and 179 forwarders participated in a pilot program, to astounding success. TIACA Board member Cheemeng Wong is Senior Vice President Cargo Services at SATS Ltd, which took part in the CSQ pilot. Below, he shares his experience of the program and what it means for airfreight.

SATS Ltd currently obtains regular feedback from our airline customers – such feedback is mainly from the airlines’ perspective.

Participating in TIACA’s Cargo Service Quality (CSQ) tool pilot gave SATS the opportunities to establish a closer relationship with freight forwarders, who are our customers’ customers.

This is a much-needed concept for the air cargo industry as there have not been many opportunities for Cargo Terminal Operators (CTO)s to interact directly with freight forwarders to obtain feedback and improve the level of services provided.

To set up the pilot CSQ survey, we had to meet with a few selected freight forwarders to gather their areas of concern so as to design the list of relevant questions and parameters in the survey.

Following that, we had to contact a number of other freight forwarders to extend our personal invitations for them to participate in the CSQ survey.

One of the freight forwarders who participated in the pilot CSQ said that, “it was like a never-ending story, when I clicked on each subject title I found yet another amazing detail of new awareness that I was asked in the CSQ. What a new learning experience for me”.

More importantly, the CSQ provides us with an alternative means of evaluating our level of services i.e. from the customers’ customers perspective.

Such feedback will allow us to have a better understanding of what activities and services would have greater significance to the satisfaction of the freight forwarders.

Once we are able to achieve a high level of satisfaction from the freight forwarders, it would help to improve our relations with our airline customers too.

Furthermore, as CSQ is based on a common international standard accepted by CTOs around the world, it will allow SATS to identify its strengths and weaknesses and help to benchmark its quality of service with other CTOs.

Therefore, based on the feedback from the CSQ Survey, SATS will be able to take appropriate measures to improve on our weaknesses so as to strengthen the level of services to its customers and its standing as a first-class CTO.

Cheemeng Wong is also taking part in a panel exploring TIACA’s new CSQ tool in detail at the 2018 Air Cargo Forum in Toronto, Canada. For more information on the event or to register visit www.tiacaevent.org


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