Collaboration for a more secure airfreight chain

Collaboration for a more secure airfreight chain

Kester Meijer is Director Operational Integrity, Compliance & Safety — ISCM, KLM Cargo. Here he discusses how the air cargo industry can work proactively with legislators to support a secure airfreight chain.

A secure airfreight chain is essentially all about protection of countries and aircraft, passengers, and crew.

This means legislators, enforcement agencies, and the air cargo industry need to work together on a wide variety of topics.

Think about strategic and military goods, export sanctions, pharmaceutical, wildlife, flowers, contraband.

And even more important preventing the carriage of IEDs, or shipments that can catch fire during a flight.

The increasing tension between facilitation and enforcement is putting a strain on some relationships.

However, the employees of our industry can and should serve as an extra pair of eyes in protecting our territories and assets, without fear for (personal) prosecution.

The ever-growing number of rules is making it impossible for one person to remember it all.

Technology, people, and operations must come together in capacity building.

The role of legislators is to standardize and simplify, to provide expertise and tooling on profiling the growing flow of data, to integrate various inspections, to agree on smart and secure tradelanes.

The role of our industry is to implement upstream screening, artificial intelligence for risk targeting, to invest in tooling and training for our staff, and investigate emerging solutions for authenticating products and ensuring accurate logistics information.

The conversation between legislators and industry should be about, how can we together protect borders from locations beyond our direct control. We need to build trust instead of tension, and stop threats as early as possible.

Kester Meijer will be chairing a session on this topic at the Air Cargo Forum 2018, taking place in Toronto, Canada from 16th to 18th October.

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