New TIACA logo – reflection of the strategy changes

New TIACA logo – reflection of the strategy changes

A word from Vladimir Zubkov, TIACA Secretary General

Before writing these notes, I went to the web and checked how many companies ever changed their logos. Remarkably – a lot! Sometimes – radical changes, sometimes only cosmetic, but there is always a reason, often reflecting changes in the strategy, customers base coverage and the environment in which the company works.

TIACA’s reason is no different. Early last year we started a campaign for expansion of TIACA’s regional coverage, adding new members, partners and Board members from Africa, Asia, and Latin America. We are becoming more global. That’s why the new logo includes a globe drawn using a 3D version of the kinetic lines in the original version.

The emergence of new challenges and technologies firmly making their way into the air cargo industry, like blockchain, backbone, IT, and data exchange innovations simply can’t leave us in the era of flat designs and plain texts. So, now the TIACA acronym is more imaginative, with the final A drawn as the wing of an airplane. We have not changed much the color scheme, it simply has been adapted from the original, introducing a stronger shade of blue. It’s for consistency.

The new look of the logo is coming hand in hand with the redesigned websites which is reflecting the TIACA’s new vision and new developments in supporting an efficient, modern, and unified air cargo industry.

These changes are like building block for the preparation of the October Air Cargo Forum in Toronto which will be addressing and discussing themes affecting us all in the airfreight supply chain.

The ACF will include input from a wide range of industry experts, the names of which you can find on the Forum and TIACA websites. It’s not just another air cargo event – it’s the one to be associated with. Not surprisingly, the leaders of the organizations which regulate the air cargo industry and work closely with it, for several years in a row accepted the ACF as the place to strengthen connection with the industry, to address those who make the air cargo industry progressing and to listen to you, the key contributors to its success.

ICAO, World Customs Organization and Airports Council International will form a powerful session on the first day of the Forum.

Follow further developments on our new websites. Look forward to meeting you there.

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