TIACA celebrates success with CSQ pilot project

TIACA celebrates success with CSQ pilot project

By Sanjiv Edward, Chief Commercial Officer, Delhi International Airport

TIACA’s new Cargo Service Quality (CSQ) tool has achieved astounding success after more than 179 freight forwarders and 18 cargo terminals took part in the pilot programme, which concluded earlier this month.

Until now business deals in air cargo have been limited to the cost consideration with the least emphasis on the quality aspect. As a result, air cargo is losing its market and value to the customers.

CSQ was built to integrate the quality aspect across the entire air cargo supply chain, and the results from its pilot already demonstrate how this tool will be a game changer for establishing a culture of quality consciousness.

Rating and ranking is based on answers submitted through an online portal and provide an in-depth understanding of business areas in need of improvement.

The project has now completed the first phase of implementation, which involved assessing the quality of the services offered by cargo terminal operators (CTOs) to freight forwarders.

During this phase, assessments were only shared with the respective cargo terminals, but the plan is to introduce online comparison tools to improve service quality globally.

The ultimate aim of CSQ is to integrate the quality aspect in the complete air cargo supply chain.

It will eventually map the CSQ delivery by each player in the cargo supply chain, in order to improve transparency across the industry globally.

With the visibility of CSQ scores, shippers will have the ability to choose based on the level of quality they desire on the performance of freight forwarders, airlines, and cargo terminals. This will help shippers in planning the logistics in the most efficient way.

CSQ is a special measure that is part of TIACA’s mission to drive global standards and raise the profile of air cargo.

The integration of the quality aspect in all the processes will not only elevate the level of customer satisfaction but will also bring the operational excellence.

By having visibility of the quality of service delivered as perceived by the customer, and the ability to accurately identify the areas in need of improvement, all players in the supply chain can focus on continuous improvement so that consistent levels of services are delivered.


Sanjiv Edward

Chief Commercial Officer

Delhi International Airport

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