TIACA is ready to embrace change

TIACA is ready to embrace change

TIACA is ready to embrace change

By Sebastiaan Scholte

The rebranding of our association goes hand in hand with the need to appeal to and continue to support a rapidly evolving global air cargo industry.

From disruptive innovation, to Blockchain and Big Data, as well as new entrants who are changing the face of the competition, means we are having to rethink the way we conduct ourselves and our businesses in order to stay ahead in the game.

Our new logo embraces a fresh, engaging look that better reflects our new vision to show we are forward thinking and will do all we can to represent, support, and inform every element of an efficient, modern, and unified global air cargo industry.

I have often emphasized the need for us to attract and retain the next generation of logistics leaders.

Our new vision and mission sends a message that we are ready to embrace the younger demographics and stay relevant in a business landscape where their needs, as well as ours, are changing all the time.

It represents a stronger, more focused, and a more agile Association.

In recent months TIACA has partnered up with a number of organisations and associations around the world, and is acting as a unifying platform in which supply chain stakeholders from everywhere can network, learn from each other, and share best practice.

We have also been reaching out to new regions to increase our visibility as well as explore how we can support and represent the interests and goals of emerging air cargo hotspots.

TIACA has been supporting and championing the air cargo industry for over 28 years, and we are determined to continue doing so by staying engaged, relevant, and valuable to our existing (and future) members.

We had several think-tank meetings at the end of last year to debate how we could strengthen our value proposition to our members, and this new look is part of the new strategy that we are currently rolling out, with much more to come.

This launch comes at the perfect time, with our Air Cargo Forum in Toronto, Canada this year only just around the corner, where we will be bringing together stakeholders from across the global supply chain like never before.

We have even co-located our event for the first time with the Canadian International Freight Forwarders Association (CIFFA)’s 70th anniversary conference and the inaugural Multimodal Americas show, demonstrating our openness to collaborate.

We realise in a time of change, TIACA is the perfect engine to drive this industry forward into a new and better air cargo future for us all.