TIACA launches professional development program

Istanbul, Turkey, April 24th 2014 – A practical series of professional development workshops will be launched this summer in the Netherlands, TIACA board members announced at the Association’s Executive Summit and Annual General Meeting (ES/AGM) today.

The three-day Air Cargo Professional Development Program is tailored for the air freight logistics industry to develop management and decision-making skills, including financial analysis and marketing, along with team-building leadership expertise.

“The new program addresses the specific needs of the air freight industry and will give students the practical information and skills they need to succeed on a day-to-day basis,” said Doug Brittin, TIACA Secretary General.

“The workshops will also provide the perfect backdrop for raising questions and thoughts, creating the process of change required for industry development and growth.

“Students will build connections and support through networking.”

Up to 25 participants are expected to attend the first Program held at a hotel adjacent to Amsterdam’s Schiphol Airport, the Netherlands, from 25th to the 27th of June.

The Program is the result of a strategic collaboration between TIACA and Strategic Aviation Solutions International (SASI), and aims to fill the management knowledge-gap identified in a report released by a TIACA-led Education and Training Task Force in January.

The report, based on a two-year study headed by TIACA’s Education and Research Committee (ERC) in conjunction with the International Air Transport Association (IATA), the International Federation of Freight Forwarders Associations (FIATA), and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), concluded that focused courses were needed to teach vital “soft skills” in order to avoid a leadership crisis in the industry.

“Worldwide air cargo traffic is expected to continue growing and our industry is going to need a new and increasing source of suitably-qualified managers to support this,” said Jim Edgar, TIACA ERC Chairman.

“These workshops are designed to develop that next generation of leaders and are a tangible example of TIACA’s important leadership role in the air freight supply chain.”

TIACA launched the new Program at its two-day ES/AGM in Istanbul, Turkey, this week.

Over 200 delegates from 25 countries joined the debate at workshops covering topics from Advance Data Filing to e-commerce, led by over 40 industry experts representing all sectors of the air freight supply chain.

Industry veteran Jacques Ancher will become the 49th air cargo industry executive to join TIACA’s Hall of Fame at a VIP dinner at the Ritz-Carlton Istanbul this evening (Thursday 24th April).

TIACA will be holding its next major event, the Air Cargo Forum and Exposition (ACF) in Seoul, Korea, from October the seventh to the ninth 2014.