Update on participation at our partner organizations’ events

Update on participation at our partner organizations’ events

By Vladimir Zubkov, Secretary General, TIACA

It’s a busy summer for TIACA with participation at several partner organizations’ events. Last week our Chairman Sebastiaan Scholte, Board members Steven Polmans, Amar More, Pascal Belanger, and myself attended the ACI EUROPE/World Congress in Brussels, where TIACA on ACI’s request organized a dedicated air cargo session. It’s the first time an air cargo session was introduced at the ACI event and it proved to be useful to both TIACA and ACI.

Under the theme: “Increasing importance of the airports’ cargo business in the changing trade-transport industries relations” we presented information about the latest developments affecting the air cargo supply chain, the data showing air cargo benefits for trade and airport business and the needs for IT and infrastructure enhancements.

Turning to the ACI programme itself – one of the key messages throughout was the need to increase efficiency of airports because building new airports and reconstructing existing ones are both time and resource-consuming. The emphasis on modern technologies, IT solutions, blockchain, voice recognition, and cyber security – all the buzzwords familiar to the air cargo people were there, but in application to the passenger services.

The ACI has a well-functioning tool to measure customers’ satisfaction – ASQ (Airports Service Quality) surveys. It has proven to be popular, and useful. There was a good opportunity to discuss with the ACI officials the potential for collaboration and even a more comprehensive assessment of the airports functionality with the application of recently developed by TIACA the Cargo Service Quality (CSQ) programme.

Our next engagement is at a special cargo event at the Farnborough Airshow in July called the “Cargo Village Conference”. The event will highlight the importance of the cargo transport for airlines and other members of the air cargo supply chain.

This year it’s going to be a dedicated 1,000 sqm Cargo Village exhibition and conference hall; it  will host an array of cargo-specific companies, provide guided tours of cargo aircraft and showcase live demonstrations.

A two-day CARGO VILLAGE CONFERENCE on the “Future of Air Cargo” will run alongside the main exhibition and will see talks from industry specialists on the leading topics from across the sector. I will moderate the first-day panel “Our vision of the future of air cargo”. It’s planned that we will share the panel with TAPA, Qatar Airways, and CEVA.

I invite you to join the conference if you are going to be at the Farnborough International Airshow 2018.

For more information on the show, visit www.farnboroughairshow.com