A New and Unique Digital Discipline for SASI: Cargo Community Systems and Data & Logistics Corridors


Complementing the broad experience that SASI has accumulated in the past five years working for clients in implementation, training and dedicated client seminars on e-commerce and community systems, SASI announces the establishment of a consulting team with dedicated focus on Cargo Community Systems (CCS) and the SASI “Data and Logistics Corridor” concept.

Data and Logistics Corridors establish links between global airports, allowing all air cargo stakeholders to benefit from door-to-door complete transparency, quality and speed. This allows airline clients to create product portfolios in a “virtual integrator” model of highly competitive products.

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated air cargo industry discussions and shifted the conversation from what would be “nice to have” to “what is needed right now”; this is especially the case among airports and local authorities. Making that transition requires a unique, innovative approach based on a detailed understanding of each stakeholder in the worldwide air cargo industry and the expectations of the beneficial cargo owners (BCOs) – those that pay the costs to move shipments and employ the services of the various members of the worldwide air cargo logistics industry.

The two fundamental building blocks for the new environment are Cargo Community Systems (CCS) and Data and Logistics Corridors. Whether it is a shipment or an individual stock keeping unit (SKU), beneficial cargo owners expect complete transparent information about their shipments door-to-door, in real time.

Making the transition from the legacy structure and relationship requires a new attitude and a new commitment and broad experience. Bringing all of the parties together, developing the relationships, and building the trust and needed systems requires a unique set of skills, expertise and experience — which SASI can provide.

Strategic Aviation Solutions International (SASI), a global aviation consulting firm focused primarily in air cargo logistics, is unique in having these capabilities.

SASI employs a tried and proven approach to creating and implementing the building blocks for implementing both Cargo Community Systems and Data and Logistics Corridors. The CCS process is composed of the following steps:

• Understanding best practices of Cargo Community Systems from around the world and the various service providers.
• Evaluating the local situation based on traditional SWOT and risk assessment techniques
• Preparing a feasibility study including business and operating models for the Cargo Community System and all of the associated parties of worldwide air cargo logistics
• Recommending services and processes to be included in the Cargo Community System
• Creating a Request for Proposal for the implementation and execution of a Cargo Community System, including prioritized selection criteria – and assisting in the tender process through supplier selection

For Data and Logistics Corridors, we add the additional important steps of helping airports to identify optimal gateway airport partners in other world regions, working with airport managements and stakeholders on both sides to gain buy-in, and facilitating implementation.

To do this a consultant must be broadly experienced:

• Experience and knowledge of Airport Community Systems (CCS) – either at airports or seaports.
• Direct involvement and experience in implementing CCS’s and their operation.
• Able to leverage “lessons learned” from similar projects undertaken elsewhere.
• Informed advice to ensure stakeholders understanding re commercial and economic security of data, benefits for both economic and environmental sustainability objectives.
• Experience working with airport and airline managements and air cargo stakeholders globally, including GHAs, GSSAs, forwarders, postal services, trucking companies and government authorities, among others.

Leading the team will be Stan Wraight, President of SASI. Stan will be supported by other SASI experts including Vice Presidents Charles Edwards and Mark Diamond and Senior Associate Consultant Hans van der Zwet.

Stan Wraight commented: “There is no doubt that this timely focus on our clients’ needs is essential, from decision-making and support in implementing new data systems, to ensuring that all local stakeholders buy in, and comply with new government initiatives towards e-freight. SASI’s broad expertise in stakeholder concerns can be of great assistance to airports and authorities as these initiatives need to be expedited.”

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