Attracting the Next Generation


Since the development of the modern air cargo industry in the 1990s when supply chain management science took off, the challenge facing air cargo is identifying those students and young people who are potential next generation recruits.Globalisation of production depends on efficient and cost-effective transport. The increasing global demand for fresh produce, components, e-commerce and new products, speed of delivery and increased shelf life. As the new decade commences, our industry cries out for young computer wise and astute new leaders with new ideas. Competition comes from all directions, whether it be email marketing companies, climate change, new virus infections-they all have an effect on our daily lives which more and more depend on the delivery of products.

Air cargo as a stand-alone subject enjoys very little mention within University courses, whereas logistics is broadly available in its many different aspects. If those students were aware of the amazing range of air cargo job opportunities and high-level careers on offer, would they not want to know more?

In the age of the Internet, social media, videos and very short attention spans, we need to capture the attention of the potential recruit instantly. We therefore created a website and video program which provide the platform or links between the industry and the students.

Competition to attract the brightest students is fierce. All industries face the same need and the air cargo business must stand out and demonstrate its attractions which regrettably are largely unknown. The pathway to identifying these potential recruits is not clear-cut. It would appear to be three main groups of candidates. Those studying logistics or aviation related subjects. Students of other unrelated disciplines who have no fixed ideas as to where they wish to work. Then there are those who have started work but may not feel that is what they really want to do. We need to appeal to all these groups and show them that the industry is rewarding, exciting and dynamic, it involves travelling and working in any one of 200 countries and making a difference to the environment and the improvement of working conditions in many Third World countries. For example how many jobs have been created for perishables production in Africa? How many mobile phones are delivered every day? Or how many lives are saved following an earthquake by providing vital medical products and food to the world?

We believe passionately that air cargo is not just about moving goods around the world but that it contributes to global trade and well-being as well as problem-solving.

Our message to the air cargo industry is to help our efforts to secure these bright students by supporting our initiative in a proactive way. We need your support to make this work and to ensure that our industry can continue its vital role in the future.

Michael Sales

IMC CAREERS founded by Michael Sales and Sebastiaan Scholte

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Michael Sales
Sebastiaan Scholte