Automation to create a more efficient supply chain

Automation to create a more efficient supply chain

By Rob Chanona (pictured below), Managing Director, Solutions, at DSV Solutions Inc.

For DSV, the Fifth Industrial Revolution is about enabling automation that creates efficiencies throughout our clients’ entire supply chain.

“Automation, robotics, artificial intelligence” –whatever you coin it – are all related industry terms we use, but we are all talking about technology.

The one common thread is that technology (automation and robotics) is now an integrated part of every global supply chain provider.

The future of this technology, however, must be gauged by scope and perspective.

At DSV Solutions, no matter what level of sophistication we are using in our robotics and automation, we are leveraging the most precious commodity of all (for e-commerce).

And, that is time.

Our collaboration with humans, robots, and automation is all-encompassing, from the order management perspective through to the order fulfilment process.

This means we save time at every stage and make time for our clients.

DSV has invested globally in future technologies that drive growth and optimize time for our clients and their consumers.

The value of time is immeasurable.

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