Digital transformation – no longer new, but the new normal

An engaged audience used online polling and Q&A to quiz the panel L to R: Arnaud Lambert (CHAMP Cargosystems), Dheeraj Kohli (Unisys), Nicole Verkindt (the OMX), Sumit Srivastava (eBay Canada) and Yuree Hong (SHE Blockchainers), Julian Pryke (Meantime Communications)


Digital transformation of the air cargo industry is already happening, and the message from the opening plenary session at ACF 2018 struck a pithy ‘use it or lose it’ tone.

Thought leaders from eBay Canada, OMX, CHAMP Cargosystems, Unisys, and S/HE Blockchain shared their insights with an engaged audience taking full advantage of the online questioning software employed by TIACA.

The message was clear and consistent from the panel.

Yuree Hong, Founder of SHE Blockchainers Asia

“Digital is the way to go,” enthused Dheeraj Kholi, Vice President & Global Head, Unysis.

“This is happening today; integrated data is happening now.”

Further questions from the audience betrayed some reluctance to embrace the brave new digital world, but there were words of tech-comfort and old-fashioned business sense proffered by the panel.

“This is what the future is, but technology is not just about Blockchain,” sympathised Arnaud Lambert, CEO, CHAMP Cargosystems.

“It is also about the small things that make our lives different. Technology simplifies the process, starting with the customer in mind.”

But while agreeing that ‘tomorrow’s world’ is already upon the air cargo industry, members of the panel all felt that there was a requirement for an industry-wide change of mindset.

“The information is available today, but it is not shared,” stressed Kholi.

“Technology will help and facilitate, but the first step is a mind change in allowing information to be distributed outside an organisation.”

Over 500 delegates attended the opening plenary of TIACA’s ACF

“If we are going to build a future, we have to start to act today,” said Sumit Srivastava, Head of Business Development and Seller Acquisition and Scaling, eBay Canada.

TIACA’s three-day ACF took place between the 16th and 18th of October in Toronto, Canada and included two days of panel discussions, as well as an exhibition.

Topics ranged from Blockchain and the Fifth Industrial Revolution, to the state of the market, regulatory updates, and unmanned freight aircraft.

Exhibitors included Air Canada, Brussels Airport, Jan de Rijk Logistics, and Turkish Cargo.

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