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Focusing on ground handling companies – growing strains and importance.

Vladimir Zubkov
TIACA Secretary General

In my reports to you in the last few weeks the emphasis was mainly on the facilitation of airlines operations, on the regulatory issues and the prudent treatment of quarantine limitations. Economic issues were also a big part of our agenda. All this continues to remain the focus for the multidisciplinary group working within the framework of the ICAO weekly meetings.

One notable evolution which I would like to share with you is in the increased interest in the air cargo supply chain. It is widely expected that cargo will recover much faster than the passenger side of aviation, and this will impose additional requirements on the handling side of cargo operations.

We already started talking at the ICAO meetings about the phase post COVID-19, and this is a good sign. However, it’s also a signal to all of us to start looking at the renewed procedures with the anticipated staff constraints and other restrictions flowing from the many weeks of the strenuous situation brought about by COVID-19.

Today we devote our attention to the ground handling community. We have invited two very knowledgeable and experienced representatives. Max Gosney, Conference Chairman, Ground Handling International gives us his insights on the current situation and appeals for being more proactive in lobbying politicians. Wilson Kwong, Chief Executive of Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited (HACTL) presents his first-rate experience obtained and thoughts directed into the future.