Ivet Arabadjieva promoted to Director of Business Development at Dronomics

Ivet Arabadjieva promoted to Director of Business Development at Dronomics

Unmanned cargo aircraft pioneer Dronamics has appointed Ivet Arabadjieva to the position of Director of Business Development, where she will be part of the team driving the growth and adoption of the company’s Black Swan drone.

Arabadjieva, who began her aviation career working in Revenue Management and Analytics at Thomas Cook, recently picked up top prize for the International Air Transport Association’s Drone Innovation Award after designing a system for e-commerce drone delivery in Switzerland.

“We aim to democratize aviation by making it more affordable and within reach of remote and rural communities,” said Arabadjieva

“Decades of growing urbanisation have forced the clustering of economic opportunities in just a handful of centers of commerce in each country and have further increased inequality,

“My passion is to turn this around and improve communities, which are less well served by the existing infrastructure.”

Arabadjieva will be working on the team behind Dronamics’ Black Swan, a fuel-efficient drone with a cargo capacity of 350 kg and a range of 2,500 km, providing temperature-controlled deliveries suitable for medical supplies and pharmaceuticals.

TIACA has recently launched a new Sustainability Program as part of a new vision, embracing forward-thinking initiatives and encouraging diversity and investment in the next generation of logistics leaders.

Included in this program, we have launched a Sustainability Award to inspire economic, social and environmental growth within the aviation industry. Entrees are required to tackle issues surrounding the sustainable development of air freight.

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