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Qantas Freight Update

International Freight Assistance Mechanism (IFAM) charter flights

  • Qantas Freight is playing a key role in the Australian Government’s $110 million International Freight Assistance Mechanism (IFAM) – a temporary measure designed to help support Australian exporters by restoring critical global supply chains impacted by the significant reductions in passenger flights from Australia
  • IFAM-supported Qantas charter flights led to services being reintroduced in May between Australia and Auckland, Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo using A330-300 aircraft as freight-only flights
  • Inbound flights carry essential medical equipment and supplies to help combat the spread of the disease
  • The IFAM flights have recently been extended to operate until mid-July and discussions with the Government are ongoing to help keep essential freight moving
  • More information including the full charter flight schedule can be found here


Introduction of direct SYD-PVG services

  • Ongoing strong demand for services between Australia and China saw Qantas Freight introduce additional 5 x weekly flights between Sydney and Shanghai in April, with services increasing to daily for May and June
  • A330-300 passenger aircraft are being used as freight-only flights, providing up to 32 tonnes of freight capacity per sector
  • Outbound commodities include premium seafood and other fresh produce, whilst inbound capacity is primarily medical supplies and equipment, technical goods and e-commerce including electronic products


International Freighters and charters

  • Our international freighters continue to operate their weekly schedule, with 2 x 747-8F flights that joined the fleet last year adding extra capacity to the key routes between Australia, China and the US
  • Our dedicated 767F operates into Hong Kong and we have increased the number of services to 3 per week and we also offer 5 per week trans-Tasman services.
  • There’s also been high demand for charter services which we have been able to support using the 767F and other freighters in the fleet. We’ve operated over 80 charters so far including HKGPER, MELLAX and SYDAKL.
  • More information about our freighter schedule can be found here

Minimum International Network flights

  • The Qantas Group has played a key role in providing support to the Australian Government by operating a series of flights for Australians abroad including services between Perth and London, and Melbourne and Los Angeles
  • These passenger flights have also provided much-needed belly space for freight to support the movement of essential goods
  • The airline has also operated over 15 “repatriation” charter flights in partnership with the Australian Government to bring Australian’s home from a range of international destinations including Lima, Johannesburg, Santiago, Chennai, Delhi, Wuhan and Tokyo.

Domestic flying

  • Qantas and Jetstar continue to operate a limited network of 200 passenger flights across Australia each week – 164 services on key trunk routes and a further 36 flights servicing regional ports. A330’s are being used on key lanes to ensure freight uplift.
  • Critical, time-sensitive freight is being loaded into the belly space of these limited passenger services, providing essential links from capital cities to remote and regional Australia
  • More information can be found on the Qantas Freight website here and on here


Domestic freighter services

  • Our fleet of 14 domestic freighters have had record uplifts during the past few weeks as demand for fast, overnight deliveries continues to soar
  • On average, uplift has increased by more than 40% compared with the same period last year with 45 services operating each night
  • Demand has been driven by a significant increase in online shopping during the pandemic as retailers look to service customers through their online channels, delivering a door-to-door service thereby avoiding physical contact