TIACA continues regional expansion in the Middle East

TIACA continues regional expansion in the Middle East

By Vladimir Zubkov, Secretary General, TIACA

We met with the delegation of the General Civil Aviation Authority of United Arab Emirates (GCAA) at the ICAO Air Services Negotiation (ICAN) Event which was held in Nairobi, Kenya 10 to 14 November 2018.

They had a United Arab Emirates (UAE) booth, which was promoting the Global Investment in Aviation Summit 2019 (GIAS 2019), to be held in Dubai on January 27-29.

It will be hosted by GCAA. The discussion at the stand was useful, and GCAA, having increased their awareness of TIACA, sent an invitation to the Summit.

It’s accepted, and I will explain now why.

The Summit is bringing together a very important for aviation sector group of people: 200 qualified investors (local and international / sovereign / corporate / private), new airport development program officials, country representatives in aviation governance, lessors, airlines, aircraft manufacturers, contractors, officials from infrastructure departments, leading financial institutions, asset management companies, airport authorities, airport management companies, aircraft maintenance repair and overhaul / fixed based operator (MRO/FBO) and aviation consultants.

One of the main objectives is to share the vision and experience on how to enhance global aviation investments and collaboration. But like in many other aviation gatherings the program of GIAS 2019 has envisaged nothing about air cargo.

I have to give credit to the organizers – they quickly realized their omission and sent a letter saying that they “…will be honored to welcome The International Air Cargo Association as one of the key participant to the GIAS 2019 and would like to extend this invitation to showcase various projects from your association at this investment platform”.

Responding to their requests to give an example of what TIACA can do for the world, I sent to them one of the projects which TIACA has been promoting throughout the industry and which has a potential for global coverage.

In explaining further, I reminded them of the successful program sponsored by the Airports Council International (ACI) and called Airport Service Quality (ASQ).

While ASQ allows for assessment of the quality of passenger services at the airports, comparing them, stimulating progress and even rewarding those who have achieved the best results, the Cargo Service Quality (CSQ) tool fills the void on the air cargo side. We already have dozens of subscribers, and the ranks have been growing.

One of the most recent adhesions are the Kenyan Airports Authority and Oman Aviation Services (OAS), which has just joined TIACA at Trustee level.

Here is the link to the presentation sent to them for those who want to explore the CSQ.

The group responsible for the event confirmed their interest in learning more about investment opportunities related to the air cargo supply chain and expressed their intent to expand the summit into the air cargo area: “…prepare future Summit editions with a special focus on air cargo.”

There is another event in Dubai which represent significant interest for regional expansion of TIACA to the Middle East and reaching out to the aviation industry there.

Eurovia International will organize the Middle East Air Cargo & Logistics 2019 (MEACL 2019) on January 29-30. The aim of this new conference is to review the future challenges for the UAE and Middle East in general.

The conference will include topics such as the future of the air logistics industry in general, the role of free zones, how to keep Middle East cargo hubs and air carriers competitive, innovative ideas on business concepts and technology, airport infrastructure and many other issues.

They offered TIACA to make a keynote closure address on “The Future of the Air Cargo Industry”.

My reports about the two events will follow.

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