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TIACA is an integral part of the international alliance for the recovery of the aviation industry

On 9 April senior representatives of ACI, CANSO, ICCAIA, IATA and TIACA were invited to a virtual meeting of the ICAO Council, the top permanent body, for an Informal briefing on the impacts of COVID-19 on the international civil aviation sector. Held for the first time through Zoom with more than 170 connected from all over the world, it listened to the views and proposals of the major aviation organizations for the most critical actions to be taken by the ICAO member-States.

TIACA, though having seven years span of fruitful collaboration with ICAO at conferences and working groups, was invited to speak in front of the Council for the first time. Hence, part of the presentation was on TIACA itself and then the major issues of importance to the Association’s members have been aired. Click here for the presentation.

Virtually all the invited organizations spoke about strain on resources of their members and the need for States help, both currently and in the post-COVID-19 recovery phase. Conservation of resources, need to retain as much as possible the workforce and strict prioritization, and most importantly – working together, were the major themes of several speakers.

Practical steps by the Council will follow, meanwhile, the industry representatives will continue working together within the CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) OUTBREAK TECHNICAL MEETINGS, weekly convened by ICAO. Regular reports are being sent out.