TIACA teams up with Magaya to launch educational webinars

TIACA has teamed up with software provider Magaya to launch a series of monthly webinars focused on challenges, opportunities, and developments in the air cargo industry. 

The first edition, which you can view here, examined the impact of 3D manufacturing on Supply Chain Management, and was hosted by Dr. Bob Walton, Associate Professor at Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University.  

He gave an overview of the potential for 3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing, to revolutionize production operations and reshape global trade patterns, covering key points including; 

  1. The ability to produce parts on-demand without the need for tooling and setup. 
  2. The potential to become the basis for new solutions in supply chain management.
  3. Help supply chain managers better capture emergent business opportunities arising from rapid manufacturing technology. 
  4. The logistical problems of the spare parts business in the aircraft industry are used as an example due to the high technical and logistical requirements involved. 
  5. The applications and benefits of rapid manufacture. 

The webinar series is part of TIACA’s ongoing commitment to training and providing a platform for thought leaders to exchange knowledge. 

TIACA’s programs include its Air Cargo Professional Development Programme in partnership with Strategic Aviation Solutions International (SASI), which aims to develop the next generation of leaders, as well as its Supply Chain Internship scheme, which allows young professionals from different companies to complete a program of visits aimed at improving collaboration.  

“Capitalizing on the positive collaboration experience, together with SASI we are looking at further expansion of our training offering and coverage,” said Vladimir Zubkov, Secretary General, TIACA.  

“We have started development of an air cargo module for the TRAINAIR program which is the International Civil Aviation Oorganization (ICAO) platform for global delivery of knowledge and standards.  

“It will be a good complement to the program aimed at young professionals.” 

The webinars are free to attend, and a copy of the broadcast will be sent to registered visitors. 

Next month’s topic will be announced soon.