TIACA’s new Cargo Service Quality online portal launched

TIACA’s new Cargo Service Quality online portal launched

CSQ is a fully automated, technology driven tool designed for an independent assessment of the service quality delivery at each step of the Air Cargo Supply Chain

The online rating tool covers every aspect of air cargo processing including process, technology, facilities, regulators and general airport infrastructure, assessing cargo service across 51 parameters ranging from environment to handling, storage and more.

The launch comes after the successful completion of the CSQ pilot scheme that took place last year, involving 179 freight forwarders and 18 cargo terminal operators around the world, including India’s Delhi Indira Gandhi International Airport and AAICLAS Chennai Cargo Terminal, Brussels Airport in Belgium, Indonesia’s PT Jasa Angkasa Semestra, Hong Kong’s Asia Airfreight Terminal, and Singapore Airport Terminal Services (SATS) Ltd, amongst others.

Following completion of the pilot, Kenya Airports Authority pledged to fully adopt CSQ by mid-2019 at all airports across the country, which will be the first nationwide implementation of the assessment tool.

Brussels Airport became the first European airport to sign up in March 2019.

In order to raise cargo service standards, the tool is made up of four parts: Benchmarking, Assessment, Improvement, and Excellence.

To find out more, visit www.csq.tiaca.org