Zubkov hosts ICAO’s first dedicated air cargo session at air transport symposium

Zubkov hosts ICAO’s first dedicated air cargo session at air transport symposium

Vladimir Zubkov moderated the first dedicated air cargo session at the International Civi Aviation Organisation (ICAO)’s Fourth Air Transport Symposium in Seoul, Republic of Korea on the 9th of May.

Pictured here with Lt. Col. Egbert Field, Director General, Guyana Civil Aviation Authority (left) and Dr. Kostas Iatrou, Director General, Hermes – Air Transport Organisation (right), he writes;

“The organizers selected a stimulating slogan for this event: “Together we challenge. Together we fly”. So far nobody was able to give an unequivocal interpretation; so, I have come up with my own, which I would like to share with you.

The air cargo industry is known for its volatility and unpredictable developments. This year didn’t start very well and it was a challenge for all, but fortunately after several weeks of decline, the news came that the cargo is growing again. Other zones of challenges surround us daily as well. The security, IT systems and data exchange, e-commerce, digitalization… – all these buzzwords continue appearing in the press and are pronounced at virtually every conference. In this environment we regularly challenge each other, as partners doing the job in the sequential manner while cargo is moving through the supply chain. We challenge partners but we challenge ourselves too, because we wants to be competitive, because we want to be appreciated by our customers and because we are proud of what we are doing. And as a reward, the job which we perform well brings a lot of satisfaction.

However, the degree of satisfaction from the job which is done with quality, is difficult to measure. Hence we in TIACA have developed an instrument which helps to assess the quality. Several sessions explaining this instrument at different venues have been held and several articles have been already written. However we still need to continue explaining how this instrument works and what kind of benefits it brings to the industry. The CSQ or “cargo service quality” program is aiming at measuring the quality of cargo handling at certain stages of its movement through the supply chain. It requires involvement of participating partners, and some of them are to be challenged indeed to bring their service to the desirable level. This is where the second part of the slogan: “Together we fly” comes to play. Even if we don’t fly ourselves like passengers do, we make sure that the consumer goods and all other products destined to fly will bear the stamp of high quality service before they start their journey on the way to the customer.

Follow our publications, TIACA web page updates, conference presentations and correspondence and look for the way to be involved in this common challenge which allows cargo to “Fly high” with the meaning of high service quality.”