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About Prospecta

Prospecta is a global organization in consulting, technology and outsourcing solutions.

We enable clients in a number of countries to operate efficiently and outperform the competition and stay ahead.

We help enterprises transform their business and thrive in an ever changing world through strategic consulting and breakthrough software solutions & products in enterprise computing, mobility, sustainability, cloud computing and business analytics.

Prospecta, derived from Spanish means to look forward.

We look forward to serving our esteemed clients keep up with ever changing competition, we look forward to providing challenging opportunities to our employees and we look forward to serve the community by adapting clean and green policies.

Join CSQ today

If you are ready to enrol in CSQ please click here, or contact us

Key benefits of joining the CSQ project:

  • Objective Assessment of Quality of Service Delivery
  • Established Benchmark parameters
  • Gap Analysis – Identification of Strength and Improvement areas.
  • Visibility of Service Quality of other Operators
  • Optimization of Investments
  • Sharing the Best Practices with other airports and ground handlers

Contact Rachael Negron Director of Operations      Email    |    Phone: + 1 786 265 7011