TIACA Trustee member Flexport appoints three new Vice Presidents

TIACA Trustee member Flexport appoints three new Vice Presidents

TIACA Trustee member Flexport has recruited three new leaders: Neil Davies, Senior Vice President (SVP) of Global Recruiting, Jake Hofwegen, SVP of Global Sales Operations, and Jeremy Smith, SVP of Sales. 

The leadership team will be responsible for overseeing and ensuring growth across the company’s teams and sales functions. 

Flexport is growing at an unprecedented rate, receiving $1bn in funding in 2019, and the new VPs will form an integral part of the company’s long-term success. 

Neil Davies, SVP of Global Recruiting 

Neil Davies, who has a wealth of experience in Talent Acquisitionwill be staffing over 1,100 employees i14 global locations as part of his new position 

As SVP of Global Recruiting, Davies and his team will ensure that the right talent is in the right place at the right time, so the company’s abilities scale along with its growth. 

Davies will enact Flexport CEO, Ryan Petersen’s commitment to “continually feed, nurture, and transform culture,”by recruiting and empowering top talent, maintaining and evolving a culture of collaboration and transparency, and encourage employees to give back to their communities. 

Jake Hofwegen, SVP of Global Sales Operations:

Hofwegen will take on the role of Global Enablement and Sales Operations & Strategy at Flexportand he will focus on developing a top-performing revenue organization along with his team to give clients exceptional support.  

Flexport will be one of the largest companies on the globe,” said Hofwegen.  

“And if we want to do that in record pace, it’s important to stay true to our primary mission of making global trade easy for everyone.” 

Before joining Flexport, Hofwegen worked as SVP of Global Sales Operations at Netsuite in 2016 and held the same role at Yext during 2018.  

Jeremy Smith, SVP of North America Sales:

Jeremy Smith is leading Flexport’s sales organization in North America and is en-route to transform the freight forwarding company’s go-to-market (GTM) strategy. 

“I believe that our customers’ success is our own successso as we scale, it’s imperative that we protect the customer-centered culture that already exists at Flexport,” said Smith. 

Smith joined Flexport after seven years in various sales and leadership roles with ServiceNow, a $49 billion market cap company. 


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