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Listening to the feedback from members, TIACA is speeding-up its transformation program, started in 2008. Last month, upon recommendations from a special Transformation Task Force composed of seven Board members, TIACA’s Board of Directors has unanimously voted in favor of the plan to accelerate the move to the “new TIACA.” The goal of this final stage of TIACA’s transformation is to make the Association fit for its newly redefined purpose.



  • Financially sustainable and strong enough enough to take up the challenges requested and needed by our members in the long term
  • Relevant to new and future challenges faced by members and industry
  • Fit to deliver its newly redefined ambitions 


Coming next

  • Review and modernize TIACA’s governance to bring more transparency and ensure neutrality & representativity in decision and policy making
  • Review and modernize internal business processes and tools
  • Design the relevant delivery model
  • Continue delivering value to our members and launch new activities 

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