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Steven Polmans
TIACA Chairman

As you have hopefully seen, TIACA has embarked in a transformation journey moving from an association that is mainly focused on advocacy and networking to one that is content-driven and industry-focused. The world is evolving, the air cargo industry must adapt and transform with it, and TIACA’s agenda needs to reflect that.

We are glad to see such change is supported and embraced by many in our industry. Our last Executive Summit in Budapest received incredibly positive feedback, which encouraged us to redouble our efforts.

I am pleased to share with you the latest decision from the Board of Directors to accelerate TIACA’s transformation. The goal of this final stage of TIACA’s modernization is to make the association fit to meet the current and future needs of its Members.

TIACA’s current foundations, governance structure and organizational set up were perfect for its past agenda: industry affairs and delivery of TIACA’s trade show, the Air Cargo Forum. New challenges, new entrants, broader expectations require not only a new agenda, but also a different governance structure, able to represent fairly all parties and all regions of the global air cargo community, new skills and a more efficient delivery model.

One of our objectives this year was to be closer to our Members and have regular touch points to inform you about your Association’s activities and listen to your needs to always be relevant. Initially, we were planning to organize Trustee Meetups at industry conferences for that. Given the current circumstances, we are going virtual and I am pleased to invite you to one of the Trustee-only webinars.

These first Trustee webinars will be the opportunity to explain what this Transformation is all about, keep you informed about TIACA’s current activities and get your feedback and questions. Here are the questions we will be addressing:

  • What are the current and future needs of TIACA’s Members and the air cargo industry?
  • What do we want to achieve with this Transformation program?
  • Why is it a priority for TIACA now?
  • What has TIACA done since last Executive Summit in Budapest?
  • What is TIACA doing in relation to covid19 crisis?
  • What is the plan during the Transition phase?

With the team and other Board members, we are looking forward to interacting with you during this first Trustee Webinar!


In the meantime, stay safe, stay healthy!