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AGM Approves TIACA Transformation Changes

Written by: Glyn Hughes, Director General

The TIACA AGM, meeting digitally for the first time, unanimously endorsed a number of crucial proposals which complete the TIACA transformation process. The AGM was attended by over 50  trustees and was presented with the full transformation program update, including proposed revisions to the Board and Executive committee structures.  The 2020 provisional financial results were presented as well as the 2021 budget.

The meeting endorsed the revised communications and outreach activities which are fully centered around membership engagement.  The new Members portal, GLUE UP, was highlighted and all TIACA members were encouraged to take advantage of the networking and information sharing features it offers.

Six Board members were appointed by the AGM and a revision to the TIACA By-laws was adopted which now provides for further Board expansion to ensure we have broad geographic and sectorial representation.  All trustees are urged to consider submitting a nomination if they wish to be considered for Board membership.

As TIACA’s new Director General, it gave me great pleasure to present the areas of particular focus for the upcoming period.  The air cargo industry’s role in the safe and effective Covid19 vaccine transportation will continue to be a key area of activity whilst the need exists.  The TIACA / joint project SUNRAYS has published its second white paper addressing the need for effective collaboration and communication within air cargo communities to ensure product integrity and efficient movement.

Sustainability will continue as a key area as we expect this to play an increasingly important role in international logistics aligned with heightened focus within society.

The digital agenda got a renewed boost during the Covid-19 impacted economy as new working environments accelerated the adoption of digital processes.  We can therefore expect to see some great movements in the technology and innovation space.

Lastly, I would like to say how pleased I am to have joined the great TIACA family and would welcome your thoughts, ideas and comments.