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Cargo Pulse

TIACA’s Cargo Pulse is the monthly newsletter of The International Air Cargo Association, written by TIACA, its members and partners and distributed to a database of over 11,000 air cargo professionals around the world. 

Every month, we choose a specific focus and theme.

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Latest articles

Astral Aviation Spearheading Sustainability in the African Air Cargo Space

Astral Aviation has been in operation for the past 22 years, based out of its Nairobi Hub, they have been serving the African Continent through efficient and innovative air logistics solutions.
As part of the TIACA membership Astral aviation has benefited through world class innovative solutions through benchmarking with the best in class cargo logistic peers and it is in this prism that Astral Aviation is proud to be part of the initial cohort of the launch members of the Blue Sky sustainability initiative.

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Sustainability – A Long-Term Future

Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Limited (Hactl) – the largest independent handler at the world’s top air cargo hub – has felt a strong duty for many years to operate in a sustainable manner. Our Green Terminal initiative, launched in 2018, formalised our existing policies and actions, and assisted in the creation of the sustainability agenda which is now a fundamental principle of our business.

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Shifting the Narrative: Sustainability as a Business Driver in Air Cargo

When it comes to climate impacts, aviation is under the microscope more than other industries – and with good reason. While the contribution of air transportation to the global carbon footprint is at 2% this could grow to 20% by 2050. The visibility of the industry, and its pivotal role in globalisation creates a societal responsibility that needs to be taken seriously.

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Sustainability – a License to Grow

The 2022 TIACA Sustainability Insight report indicated that 73% of responders have a sustainability strategy in place which reflects the growing importance of the topic. With growing interest from customers, employees, lending institutions, regulators and partners as to an organizations sustainability credentials it can indeed be considered as a license to operate and indeed a license to grow.

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COVID Pandemic – the Role of the GSA

Situation analysis at the time was pretty much – most of the world went home but expected (hoped) services would continue. Therefore some were designated essential workers, and there is now no doubt the GSA was indeed essential. Logistically the world needed to function, and if we put the shipping lines to one side, the air and trucking people behaved commendably. Airlines were pretty much grounded in terms of passengers, and those flights had previously carried a huge percentage of global air cargo.

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Young Talent at Strike Aviation: Vast Career Opportunities and the Benefit of Flexibility

The global air freight industry has been rapidly changing recently, due to many factors such as, a pandemic, technological progress, the digitalization of services, and an increasing pressure to meet the customers’ needs as precisely and effectively as possible. A lot is happening within the industry, but how does it look from the outside? Is it attractive to the young generation as a workplace?

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