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Cargo Pulse

TIACA’s Cargo Pulse is the monthly newsletter of The International Air Cargo Association, written by TIACA, its members and partners and distributed to a database of over 11,000 air cargo professionals around the world. 

Every month, we choose a specific focus and theme.

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Latest articles

2020 Growth in E-commerce

18% growth. That’s what e-commerce is looking at in 2020. That’s robust, even in the face of a pandemic-fueled recession, social justice protests and a contentious political environment that have made the business environment uncertain.

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Impact of E-commerce on Freight Forwarders

E-commerce has continued its exponential growth over the last five years and has proven to be a business model that drives business-to-consumer (B2C) activity, which is significantly different to the traditional airfreight forwarder concept of business-to-business (B2B). It has seen vertical integration by those positioned as integrators where controlled end-to-end pickup and delivery are integral service delivery items.

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The Great Decoupling and Acceleration After COVID-19

Another result of COVID-19, which became one of the big stories of 2020, was the acceleration in the growth of e-commerce shipments. Prior to the pandemic, e-commerce was growing twenty percent (20%) since 2008 while global trade volumes remained flat. The e-commerce supply chain proved its mettle to deliver groceries and toilet paper to the American people for over 10 months.

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Enhancing the Customer Experience Through Digitalization

In August, Air Canada Cargo celebrated a digital milestone: Its innovative e-Booking tool turned five.
Launched in 2015, Air Canada Cargo’s e-Booking was designed to offer an electronic booking experience for air freight akin to that of booking a passenger flight: visually appealing and easy to navigate.
“The user experience was at the heart of the design from the beginning,” explains Fred Opong-Agyare, Manager, Digital Initiatives.

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Digitization of Air Cargo – How the Logistics Industry Will Make You Save Time and Money with Technology

“I use to send my trucks to the airport with no clarity on whether there was any cargo to pick up.” I was talking with a logistics stakeholder during MODEX 2020. “It was like a [crapshoot].” “Crapshoot” is my word. “For about one-third of the time, I left the airport empty.” These are words from one of Atlanta’s early adaptors who piloted the airport Cargo Community System.

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How digitalization helps improving both customer focus and efficient processes

In spring we launched myDHLi, our innovative one-stop customer portal aiming at leveraging digitalization for greater customer focus and efficiency at the same time. This is an objective that might not seem obvious at first glance. We are now several months into the portal’s roll out and this approach has proven right. Covering all needs across different methods of transport holds significant potential for improving not only customer satisfaction but also our daily business. 

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Covid-19: how process digitization is feeding two birds with one scone

Lots of kudos were – rightfully so – given to the many air cargo professionals who ensured goods kept flying the past months. But how to keep these workers safe in an environment that still heavily relies on physical touchpoints and the exchange of paper documents – while social distancing and limited contact should be the new normal? How to address this and, at the same time, getting ready for one of the biggest logistical challenges: the distribution of Covid-19 vaccines which requires maximization of capacity utilization? The answer to both challenges lies in one and the same solution: a hyper-connected, digital process.

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Air cargo digitization in a time of pandemic

In this tumultuous year we have seen much change. Now, when I go to a pub in England, I am welcomed at the door, asked to sanitize my hands, and then to scan a QR code using a government app to help contact tracing. At my table, I scan another code to see the menu, place my order, and pay for it. Everything is contactless. COVID-19 has been disruptive for my pub experience, but I see similar “low-touch” innovations in my professional life as well.

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