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Cargo Pulse

TIACA’s Cargo Pulse is the monthly newsletter of The International Air Cargo Association, written by TIACA, its members and partners and distributed to a database of over 11,000 air cargo professionals around the world. 

Every month, we choose a specific focus and theme.

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Latest articles

Aligning the Corporate Culture with Sustainability Strategy

As the world’s eyes were on the UNFCCC COP26 discussions in Glasgow the last couple of weeks, the climate negotiations offered a powerful momentum for companies to build on and become truly sustainable. Based on the results of the first TIACA Air Cargo Sustainability Survey, run in late 2020, 81% of air cargo professionals agree that sustainability is a real strategic priority for their companies.

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​More Companies Are Making Commitments to Achieve Net Zero Targets – But Over 60% Have Either Set Targets Far Into the Future, or No Clear Target Date

More companies are making serious commitments to achieve net-zero targets – but less companies are ready to act now. A recent survey by Swiss project developer and climate solutions provider South Pole, The Push and Pull of Net Zero: Drivers of Climate Action, found that – compared to last year – more companies are setting climate targets, but over 60% of them have either set their targets far out in the future, or have not announced any target years at all.

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The Roadmap Towards a Sustainable Air Cargo

A quick google search for the word Sustainability generates over 1.3 billion entries demonstrating how the topic has become a critical component of our work, social, recreational, and family time. It is a key priority of the TIACA board and we are developing a number of programs addressing the three Ps of PEOPLE, PLANET and PROSPERITY.

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TSA 100% Screening Requirements in Effect

On June 30 2021, the TSA’s new 100% screening requirements took effect. These regulations require all-cargo aircraft flights to go through the same security screening procedure as passenger flights. It will fall on the cargo airlines and certified screening facilities to implement effective screening practices to maintain the efficiency of processing cargo.

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CIFFA Pushes for Solutions to Ongoing Congestion in the Supply Chain

The Canadian Freight Forwarders Association (CIFFA) is engaged in a heavy lobbying effort with our federal government in Canada to get recognition and response towards the congestion and backlog we are seeing in Canada’s supply chain, to push for increased funding for our modal gateways and to engage all supply chain stakeholders to work collaboratively on these initiatives.

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Managing Volatility in Peak Times

If it wasn’t clear before, it is now. Global supply chains are facing unprecedented challenges. A year and a half of surging demand has caused sustained disruptions to ocean logistics – extending inland to warehousing, trucking and rail logistics as well – and keeping container prices at record highs nearly around the globe.

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Playing a Significant Role in the Recovery

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic crisis and its impact on the air cargo industry Aeroflot and Civil Aviation authorities of Russia permitted to carry cargo in the passenger cabins. The decision allowed to carry more cargo in passenger planes.

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