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Cargo Pulse

TIACA’s Cargo Pulse is the monthly newsletter of The International Air Cargo Association, written by TIACA, its members and partners and distributed to a database of over 11,000 air cargo professionals around the world. 

Every month, we choose a specific focus and theme.

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Latest articles

Logistics Ecosystem at Brucargo

At Brussels Airport, we interpret the progress within the Brucargo logistics ecosystem as exceptionally positive and dynamic. Brucargo’s logistics environment has been adapting to worldwide trends, for instance, the swift surge of business-to-business (b2b) e-commerce and the escalating necessity for proficient international trade.

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Strong Infrastructure for Success and Balance

We most often write about air cargo’s greatest challenge is to balance supply and demand but there is a third component in this equation equally as important, namely infrastructure and capability. If the demand is there for temperature sensitive or valuable or any form of specialized cargo yet no corresponding infrastructure is in place then the cargo has to move by alternative means. So we need ground infrastructure to lead the cycle in readiness for demand to materialize in order for supply to be procured and successful transport can ensue.

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Importance of Digitalization in Turbulent Times

In the next five years, we see digitalization enabling Air Cargo businesses to use data-driven insights to understand customer preferences and improve their customer experience with real-time data streams for a digitized cargo management system as well as Air Cargo ecosystem.

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Role of Digitalization in Turbulent Times – Airline View

Air Canada Cargo didn’t wait for the pandemic to hit in March 2020 to begin evolving its business. The airline was already on the path towards digitization, converting data to a digital format. Digitized data, used to automate processes, can make data more accessible and create operational efficiencies. A good example is the ongoing support to promote the use of IATA’s e-AWB throughout the industry, reducing the need for paper air waybills.

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