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TIACA Announces Results of Executive Elections

The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) announced the results of its Executive Elections for the 2024-2025 term. Steven Polmans has been re-elected and will remain Chair for the next two years and following a change to the Governance rules to enable two Vice Chairs to be appointed, Emir Pineda and Roos Bakker have been duly elected.

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Cargo Pulse

Caring for the First-class Passengers – Animals

What comes to mind when you think about a first-class airport experience? Maybe a swift journey through security, an excellent retail offer, or a luxurious lounge to relax in pre-flight. How about fresh hay and warm, clean water to swim in?
For the UK’s hub airport, catering to millions of passengers every month doesn’t just mean keeping people happy and on the move, it means offering quality service to over four million animals every year too.

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“Animal Limo” Provides First-class Experience

Unlike the majority of air cargo handling facilities around the world, Hactl’s SuperTerminal 1 has always embodied comprehensive resources for handling every conceivable kind of live animal cargo; and Hactl has accordingly built up a long track record of successful live animal movements. The company is frequently called upon to handle imports and exports of zoo animals, conservation animals, livestock and bloodstock.

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TIACA supports its members and works with industry partners and regulators to advocate and drive change for a safe, profitable and united air cargo industry that embraces modern technologies and practices to sustainably and fairly serve trade and social development worldwide.