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Digital Air Cargo Forum

This year the Digital Air Cargo Forum (ACF) will take place on December 1-10. Register for the upcoming sessions now:

Full event agenda (pdf) 

Cargo Pulse

Transport of the Covid-19 Vaccine

The efficient distribution of the vaccines is the most important challenge ever for our industry. At LGG, we have the infrastructure, and the flexibility to be ready when needed, even when demand spikes at very short notice. Pharma is one of our 5 products pillars since many years. Processes and infrastructure are in place.

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2020 Growth in E-commerce

18% growth. That’s what e-commerce is looking at in 2020. That’s robust, even in the face of a pandemic-fueled recession, social justice protests and a contentious political environment that have made the business environment uncertain.

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Impact of E-commerce on Freight Forwarders

E-commerce has continued its exponential growth over the last five years and has proven to be a business model that drives business-to-consumer (B2C) activity, which is significantly different to the traditional airfreight forwarder concept of business-to-business (B2B). It has seen vertical integration by those positioned as integrators where controlled end-to-end pickup and delivery are integral service delivery items.

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TIACA supports its members and works with industry partners and regulators to advocate and drive change for a safe, profitable and united air cargo industry that embraces modern technologies and practices to sustainably and fairly serve trade and social development worldwide.