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ICAO-TIACA Safe Supply Chain virtual training course to take place October 2020

The ICAO-TIACA Safe Supply Chain virtual training course soon to take place this October 2020, will address the current safety issues in the air cargo supply chain.

The development of this new course comes as a result of a recent Memorandum of Understanding signed between The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), where TIACA entered into a Corporate Partnership with the ICAO’s TRAINAIR PLUS Programme.

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Significant Changes in Air Cargo Security are on the Horizon in 2021

Starting in June of 2021, shipments transported on international all-cargo flights must receive the same scrutiny of those transported on passenger planes or received from a TSA regulated entity that has applied appropriate security controls. No specific plan is in place yet, and the US Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is currently seeking public feedback on ways to meet the mandate. At the same time, a divided industry decides the best, most safe path to take.

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The Power of Digital Capabilities for Security Screening

From single-view conventional x-ray to dual-view x-ray to explosives detection systems (EDS), innovation in screening technology allows air cargo companies to enhance security, improve their operations and protect against developing threats. The goal of these innovations is to make the security screening processes easier, faster and more accurate, while removing human errors.

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Digitalization of DGR processes in air cargo

Usage of technology is incorporated in our day-to-day working- and private lives. By that, digital solutions, such as specific DG software, web services or online databases, for activities involving dangerous goods have become a natural habit because of its many benefits. These gains are not only related to safety and compliance, but also on improving efficiency and saving time.

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TIACA supports its members and works with industry partners and regulators to advocate and drive change for a safe, profitable and united air cargo industry that embraces modern technologies and practices to sustainably and fairly serve trade and social development worldwide.