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Digital Air Cargo Forum

This year the Digital Air Cargo Forum (ACF) will take place on December 1-10. Register for the upcoming sessions now:

Full event agenda (pdf) 

Cargo Pulse

2020 Growth in E-commerce

18% growth. That’s what e-commerce is looking at in 2020. That’s robust, even in the face of a pandemic-fueled recession, social justice protests and a contentious political environment that have made the business environment uncertain.

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Impact of E-commerce on Freight Forwarders

E-commerce has continued its exponential growth over the last five years and has proven to be a business model that drives business-to-consumer (B2C) activity, which is significantly different to the traditional airfreight forwarder concept of business-to-business (B2B). It has seen vertical integration by those positioned as integrators where controlled end-to-end pickup and delivery are integral service delivery items.

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The Great Decoupling and Acceleration After COVID-19

Another result of COVID-19, which became one of the big stories of 2020, was the acceleration in the growth of e-commerce shipments. Prior to the pandemic, e-commerce was growing twenty percent (20%) since 2008 while global trade volumes remained flat. The e-commerce supply chain proved its mettle to deliver groceries and toilet paper to the American people for over 10 months.

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