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TIACA’s BlueSky Program

Accelerating the sustainable transformation of air cargo

In response to air cargo industry’s call for an industry-specific tool to measure and recognize their sustainability progress, TIACA launched the BlueSky, a sustainability assessment, validation and verification scheme to track their sustainability progress, benchmark against peers and accelerate industry’s transformation.


The BlueSky Program is a tool that the air cargo industry can use to track their sustainability progress, benchmark against peers and accelerate the industry’s transformation. The BlueSky program, to be launched in phases, is a multi-tiered platform which renews every two years:

  • Assessment Guidelines (pdf) – the first tier, is a way for companies to begin their verification and validation through awareness and self-assessment.
  • Desktop Verification – the second tier, begins with an online assessment and verification of the documents provided. A performance score in each area will be provided through a company dashboard.
  • Onsite Validation – the third tier, includes the desktop verification and an onsite independent audit. A performance score in each area as well as an excellence badge, detailed report with recommendations on how to become more sustainable will be provided through an enhanced company dashboard.

The BlueSky Program aims to benefit not just the individual companies, but future partners and the air cargo industry at large by providing a common vision, transparency and a mechanism to demonstrate how businesses can grow responsibly as well as an improved image of the air cargo industry.


BlueSky Program Partner

Interested in starting your sustainability assessment?

Once you reviewed the Assessment Guidelines and are ready to go through the BlueSky assessment contact the TIACA team for the next steps.