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The Role of Digitalisation in Turbulent Times

Article submitted by: Awery Aviation Software – A TIACA Corporate Member

Written by: Tristan Koch

One clear winner of the air freight industry’s battle against COVID disruption was digitalisation.

Stakeholders’ rapid investment in tailor made software, as old processes were rendered redundant in a lockdown world, restored and improved the efficient, quick, and accurate communication channels required.

Effective communication has always been essential to the successful operation of the industry and COVID forced air freight stakeholders to realise that digitisation, far from a threat to jobs and an unnecessary cost, was the clear way forward.

The increasingly clear benefits of digitalisation have ensured that the industry is more open minded to embracing software, tech, and artificial intelligence (AI).

Whilst it is important to understand and appreciate how far the industry has come, the development of software which will future proof the industry is key.

Data sharing, through platforms such as CargoBooking, powered by Awery, is the next step in building a more resilient supply chain and will actively mitigate against future disruption.

“Data sharing between industry stakeholders, as advocated by Awery, improves the efficiency, reliability, and resilience of the supply chain,” said Anna Balan, Head of CargoBooking, Awery.

“By partnering with trusted software providers, stakeholders will benefit from improved connectivity, as they participate in the selective sharing of essential information along the supply chain.”

However, some lingering hesitancy to digitise and embrace data sharing remains among air freight industry leaders, and this is mostly driven by fears over cybersecurity.

Tech leaders in the industry must address this debate, with the first step being stakeholders understanding the difference between data sharing and cybersecurity.

Participating in selective data sharing with trusted software providers like Awery does not impact cybersecurity.

Cyber-attacks range from imposters stealing data or money to causing operational disruption and harm.

Data is becoming an increasingly valuable asset and it is essential that stakeholders in the air cargo industry continually implement updated cybersecurity measures to protect data in all its forms, including rates and operational data.

At Awery we have invested extensively in our cybersecurity measures, ensuring we are compliant with all cybersecurity regulations, including being ISO 27001 certified, as well as implementing safeguards beyond regulatory requirements to protect Awery and its clients’ data.

Digitalisation has always been at the forefront of innovation in the industry, and it is essential for tech companies, such as Awery, to keep pushing the boundaries of digital innovation to future proof the industry and create a more resilient supply chain.