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COVID-19 Related Challenges Faced in India by Freight Forwarders

CFS, Shipping Lines, Airlines 

– Working at 5% and specially for essential goods. We face delay in getting bookings / space confirmation & responses. 

Customs – Working with 5% manpower capacity & are now clearing both essential & non essential goods. However, there is time delay for clearance due to the backlog. 

Transport – Dock stuffing is temporarily suspended, hence ONLY FCL cargo, factory stuffing is possible & movements are being arranged accordingly. All cross border state transportation within India has been closed with exception to basic amenities & food for personal consumption. Very few are holding passes within the city and need at least 2 days advance booking with very exorbitant rates. 

Factory – Most of the factories are closed until further notice. Those factories pertaining to personal consumption of essential commodities will continue to work with limited capacity but due to transportation they are also struggling.

Article courtesy of FIATA