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Embracing Technology During Turbulent Times

There is a phrase that’s states “when the going gets tough the tough gets going” … in the air cargo context the equivalent phrase would be “when the going gets tough the tough get innovating” and this is the fundamental basis of how the industry has approached technology in the last three years, since the outbreak of Covid forced the industry to work differently, to collaborate differently and to interact differently.

We have seen the most dramatic period of evolution in technology-based solutions and today the entire end to end process has been automated and digitalized like never before.  But development is one thing, adoption, implementation, and execution are the three crucial steps to success. 

This is where the increasing demands of customers for integrated multi-channel interconnected solutions is driving industry adoption.  The most efficient supply chain is the most connected supply chain where each partner shares information in advance of when it is needed.  Data on demand is a driver of proactive transparent digitalized communications.

The pace of change is accelerating and the pace of innovation will need to maintain its current trajectory.