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General Sales and Service Agents - A Vital Component of Global Distribution

If you look at almost any IATA CASS operation around the world you will see that GSSAs account for a large portion of the carriers who participate.  This tells us two very important facts about today’s air cargo distribution system. 

Firstly, many carriers have extended their global reach with on line and off line GSSA appointments, coupled with carrier partner agreements this has led to subsequent increases in global network connectivity, which is so important when serving shipper needs.  

Secondly, this gives an insight into what the second S stands for.  Originally, the General Sales Agent acted purely as a carrier’s sales point for stations where volumes perhaps didn’t yet justify a full inhouse sales team.  But those days have long gone.  So, what about that second S… Service… todays modern GSSA offers so much more.  Sales, brand management, network development, ramp supervision, partner agreements, accounting, solution design and new route launches are just some of the services that may be provided.

GSSAs can range from single carrier single station entities right up to mega organizations representing a collection of leading brands with offices in over 50 countries.

Collectively, the GSSA community is a vital component of a successful air cargo industry and will play a critical role in its future success.