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How digitalization helps improving both customer focus and efficient processes

Article submitted by: DHL Global Forwarding – TIACA Trustee Member

In spring we launched myDHLi, our innovative one-stop customer portal aiming at leveraging digitalization for greater customer focus and efficiency at the same time. This is an objective that might not seem obvious at first glance. We are now several months into the portal’s roll out and this approach has proven right. Covering all needs across different methods of transport holds significant potential for improving not only customer satisfaction but also our daily business. This is what myDHLi stands for.

We have attached great importance to simplicity and ease of use when designing the features and the interface of myDHLi: With a single sign-on, customers get 360° visibility and full control over their shipments – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Quotations and bookings, real time freight tracking, documentation and data analytics are all available in one screen – across all devices.

We have seamlessly integrated social media functions into this interface, such as like, follow and share, and push-notifications. This means all workflows are optimized for efficient and intuitive interaction between the trading partners. Full transparent management of freight rates, offers, transport modes, carbon emissions, and all other relevant shipment data is readily available with just a few clicks, just one of myDHLi’s unique advantages. This can all be displayed in detailed analytics and reports.

Customers can also choose to manage their shipments via their own platforms: Thanks to API interfaces all the information and documentation can be made available in other systems if needed. Managing shipments with myDHLi means we can reduce complexity and increase flexibility at the same time. Less interaction via email or phone results in faster and more efficient processes – for both sides. Thanks to the collected data that can be used for analytics, decision making can be more easily based upon objective findings – another advantage of the innovative system.

Digital tools allow for both a consistent customer focus and more efficient processes for the industry. Digitalization provides the potential to ease and improve the daily business of shippers and freight forwarders simultaneously. As forwarders we get clear data insight in the needs of our customers and can tailor our service offers to their needs. It also allows us to recognize broader trends early.

Today, digitalization might appear to rattle the foundations of industry and bring great challenges. When we look back, we will be able to place digitalization among the developments that helped us to tap unrealized potential. In challenging times, such as those we are facing now, this development could accelerate at an even greater rate.

We want to shape the future and deliver excellence in a digital world – that is why in our DHL strategy for 2025 digitalization is a corner stone.