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The air cargo supply chain consists of various customers and service provider relationships, a typical supply chain for air cargo is illustrated below:

The section highlighted illustrated the first phase of CSQ implementation.

In this phase freight forwarders rate the level of service quality they receive at cargo terminals using the CSQ Survey.

The Survey is designed for air cargo supply chain stakeholders requiring up-to-date feedback on their service performance to drive superior operational and strategic decision-making.

It helps the participating stakeholder to understand performance on the day, as well as any changes over time and allows benchmarking and comparison of performance against competitors.

In this fast-changing landscape, CSQ is the key to understanding how to increase customer satisfaction and improve business performance.

CSQ research will provide unique data indicating:

  • How customers rate your services
  • How your level of services compares to others around the world
  • Which aspects are of particular importance for your specific CTO and airport
  • How customers’ perceptions and priorities change over time.

CSQ puts that information, and much more, at your fingertips.

Step one Assessment:

Phase one of CSQ includes a set of 51 objective questions covering all aspects of cargo handling starting from when the consignment is delivered to the cargo terminal.

Step two – Benchmarking

Participating cargo terminals can benchmark themselves against the best in the industry and against competitors, enabling them to learn and helping them to develop their growth and investment strategy.

Step three – Improvement

CSQ assessment provides participating cargo terminals with visibility of their customer needs and expectations and feedback on the service quality they are receiving, as well as opportunities for Improvement.

Step four – Excellence

Participating cargo terminals have the opportunity to continuously improve and excel in their quality as well as their operational offering.

Enhanced operational efficiency can in turn reduce turn-around time and better customer satisfaction.

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