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ICAO-TIACA Safe Supply Chain virtual training course to take place October 2020

Article submitted by: ICAO – TIACA Strategic Partner


Written by: ICAO Global Aviation Training

The ICAO-TIACA Safe Supply Chain virtual training course soon to take place this October 2020, will address the current safety issues in the air cargo supply chain.

The development of this new course comes as a result of a recent Memorandum of Understanding signed between The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) and the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO), where TIACA entered into a Corporate Partnership with the ICAO’s TRAINAIR PLUS Programme.

ICAO has worked actively with TIACA’s strategic learning and development partner – Strategic Aviation Solutions International (SASI), to deliver this course.

The restriction measures put in place by governments all over the world in an effort to contain the spread of the COVID-19 disease in the respective populations has led to an unprecedented increase in the volume of e-commerce shipments. This has inevitably amplified the risk of dangerous goods, such as lithium batteries, entering the air cargo supply chain. Disrupting this flow and tackling the hazards that dangerous goods pose to the operators, is essential for the safety of the employees of the carriers and handlers of the shipments.

The disastrous consequences of the pandemic for passenger travel have also seriously disrupted the Air Cargo Supply chain, as passenger aircraft accounted for plus 60% of the available capacity. It also affected manufacturing and the economic sustainability of numerous segments reliant on-air cargo to survive.

This crisis in capacity further displayed that air cargo is a critical necessity for global well-being and the transportation of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) is one glaring example.

The need to transport PPE is ongoing and expected to remain, but the next and concurrent contingency planning must be for the transportation of any COVID-19 vaccines that are made available, no matter from which part of the globe they are produced.

For the Civil Aviation Authorities this means that they would need to facilitate forthcoming delivery by air of these vaccines to or from their nations. Plans must be put in place now. Airports, airlines, ground handling companies, customs authorities and health authorities must be in sync and prepared for the safe and secure processing, handling and eventual transportation of such vaccines.

The ICAO-TIACA Safe Supply Chain virtual training course will provide regulatory and commercial stakeholders in the air cargo and mail supply chain with the necessary knowledge and skills to work together effectively to ensure that shipment is handled in a safe and efficient manner within the ICAO’s regulatory framework.

Through an understanding of the global market and supply chain trends, participants will gain the ability to identify the “cause” and “effect” that dangerous goods in air cargo has on the safety of the supply chain. The three day virtual classroom course, taught at a management level, covers all main topics to help leaders in the air cargo supply chain industry prepare for present and future global challenges.

This course is ideal for safety inspectors, safety and risk managers, senior supervisors, and Dangerous Goods specialists working in Civil Aviation Authorities, airports, airlines, ground handling companies, and customs authorities.

The first virtual classroom delivery session of the course is scheduled from 20 to 23 October, 2020 with follow up courses in December as well.