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Larry Coyne

2020 Hall of Fame Recipient

Larry Coyne established Coyne Aviation in 1994, providing cargo charter flights

to the fast-developing CIS countries, in particular to Transcaucasia and Central Asia. Coyne Aviation quickly became the number one cargo carrier to the whole of the CIS from Europe with a strong reputation for providing reliable and secure scheduled cargo services to some of the world’s hardest to reach destinations.


Not one to sit on the sidelines, throughout his career Larry Coyne was a passionate advocate of security, liberalization of cargo traffic rights and the removal of obstacles to the growth of the industry. Larry Coyne saw that TIACA could be useful in pushing this call for reform and joined TIACA’s Industry Affairs Committee in 1998. After serving on TIACA’s Industry Affairs Committee, Larry was then elected to serve as Vice Chairman and eventually Chairman of the association where he championed security, liberalization and the growth of air cargo industry.