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Sharing ICAO’s Impact Analysis on the “Effects of COVID-19 on Civil Aviation”

Vladimir Zubkov
TIACA Secretary General

I informed you through the recent editions of the Friday Flyer and some other publications that since the beginning of March TIACA has been actively working in the “ICAO Technical group for joint actions related to COVID-19”. The group is expanding and now consists of ICAO, TIACA, WHO, IATA, FIATA, ACI, CANSO and GEA. World Customs Organization (WHO) will join the meetings next week as well.

For those who have not read about this – the objective of the Group is to influence governments’ decisions through the ICAO mechanism and to give them the elements needed for their decision-making processes. Our key task there is to safeguard the functionality of the air cargo supply chain to the maximum extent possible.

One of the added benefits is the expanded access to the information and the greater ability to share between the partner organizations. Within this week we have interlinked the websites of ICAO, IATA and ACI to our own webpage dedicated specifically to this global crisis: On this page we feature TIACA’s statements, articles as well as updates TIACA includes in its publications.

We also received this week the ICAO Economic Impact Analysis on the “Effects of Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) on Civil Aviation” completed 23 March. I felt that it would be of interest to you as well and included in this publication.