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Trustees are the citizens of TIACA

In all civil society groupings of like-minded people, an agreed and ordered structure serves to enable a body to meet the prescriptions of its members. In this regard TIACA is no different.

TIACA is the unique international not-for-profit association representing and uniting all parts of the air cargo industry: shippers, forwarders, ground handlers, airports, airlines, manufacturers, IT providers, etc. TIACA members are traditional players and new entrants, small, medium, and large companies with regional and global reach.

The term “member” used in the not-for-profit sector describes many different sets of people. TIACA has two types of members:

  • Voting member, who has all the rights and privileges of members of the Association including the right to vote. At TIACA, this is known as Trustee.
  • Non-voting members: the other members in classes set up by the Board of Directors. Current non-voting member categories include Corporate, Small companies & start-ups and Affiliates. They have no right to vote.

TIACA’s vision is a safe, profitable, and united air cargo industry that embraces modern technologies and practices to sustainably and fairly serve trade and social development worldwide.

TIACA’s mission is to support, lead and unite the industry to achieve that vision; promote and encourage business, social, and technological innovation; protect the interests of its members with one voice on common interests; disseminate and enhance knowledge amongst members and the air cargo industry.

As the citizens of TIACA, your role as Trustees, is decisive: you decide who will be representing your interests at the Board and shaping the overall Association’s strategy and plan to achieve the vision of TIACA for the air cargo industry.

Know your rights

As per TIACA’s current Bylaws, all Trustees are entitled to equal rights and privileges in the Association. The vested rights of the Trustees include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Attending and voting at annual and special meetings of members
  • Electing and dismissing Board members (“Directors”)
  • Approving the budget and accounts of the Association
  • Appointing an auditor for the Association to ensure TIACA’s Secretariat is conforming to US accounting practices, and accepting or rejecting the audit report once presented
  • Voting for the adoption, amendment, or repeal of Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws
  • Motions properly brought for consideration

Trustee’s Representative to the Association

Each Trustee must designate (in writing) a person to serve as that Trustee’s Representative to the Association (“Delegated Representative”) and provide an address for the delivery of documents and email to that person.

The designation is effective until it is revoked in writing or until the Trustee ceases to be a voting member. A Trustee may, by means of a writing, revoke the designation, and make a new designation at any time. The new designation will be effective once received by the Secretary General of the Association.

An “Alternate Delegated Representative” may be named in the designation to act as Delegated Representative in the absence of the Delegated Representative.

Each Delegated Representative, or his or her proxy holder, has an equal right to vote at members meetings. The Delegated Representative, or his or her proxy holder, has absolute authority to represent and vote on behalf of the Trustee on any and all matters.

Members meetings

The annual meeting of members (AGM = Annual General Meeting) is held at a time and place chosen by the Board of Directors, chaired by the Chair of the Board, and held no later than 12 months after the last AGM. Decisions are taken and resolutions adopted by the majority of the Trustees’ Delegated Representatives present at the meeting, in person or by proxy, except where otherwise required by law.

The past AGM was held on 20 November 2019 in Budapest. This year, the initial plan was to have the AGM on 10 November 2020 in Miami, in conjunction with the Air Cargo Forum. Given the current circumstances and the cancelation of ACF this year, the AGM 2020 will be held as a video online event. The date and time will be announced shortly.

Did you know special meetings of members may also be called? Either by the Chair, by resolution passed by a majority of the Board of Directors, or by written request signed by at least 20% of the Trustees.

TIACA’s transformation program needs you

As you know, TIACA has embarked on a transformation journey to make TIACA fit for its new purpose, able to deliver its ambitions while maximizing the value of its membership for the air cargo community.

The Transformation program includes the review of the current governance structure to modernize it, ensure transparency, neutrality, representativity and fairness in decision and policy making. Changes impact the Board composition, rules and procedures and the roles and responsibilities of TIACA’s Officers. As these are structural changes to the association’s Bylaws, they will be presented to the Trustees by a set of Special Resolutions that will require approval from two-thirds of voting members to be adopted.

Given the unusual circumstances COVID-19 has presented the world, the AGM and voting will be a bit different this year. Below is a brief description of what will be expected from Trustees’ Representatives to vote in this year’s elections.

  • About a month ahead of the AGM, the Secretariat will send out an agenda, attachments, sample ballot for Trustees to review and submit questions if necessary.
  • The official ballots, including the Special Resolutions ballots, will be emailed to Trustees two days before the scheduled AGM.
  • During the meeting, each Delegated Representative will circle Yes or No on each item put forward for vote, sign the ballot, scan, and return it via email. The Secretariat will accept completed Ballots until the deadline given during the Annual General Meeting. The association will not be able to count your vote if it is received after the deadline.
  • If you are not able to attend the webinar of the AGM, we will provide a recorded session that you can view at your leisure. As long as you submit your ballot prior to the deadline given during the Annual General Meeting, we will count your vote.
  • Since we do electronic votes this year, no proxy can be appointed. Only the Delegated Representatives can cast their votes.