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Opinion "2023 Outlook"

Article submitted by CargoAi – A TIACA Start-up Member

Written by: Matthieu Petot, CargoAi

Over this year, CargoAi has continued to remain true to our mission to bring the best available technologies to airfreight; while leveraging our unique position between demand and supply in air freight procurement, to continue to drive the enablement of an efficient and connected airfreight ecosystem. The willingness from airlines, GSAs, TMS and other tech suppliers to connect the technology dots has not gone unnoticed. From our perspective, digitalisation of the industry is finally here with Plug and Play solutions being the key to unlock each organisation’s digital adoption. Plug and Play solutions are here to stay: they are quick to integrate and simple to use. The scale of such strategic technological partnerships will only increase in 2023; not only for CargoAi but also for other like-minded organisations who see immediate and actual business value in an interconnected ecosystem.   

After a year of conferences and discussions about sustainability and climate action, we feel the grassroots sentiment is that industry is eager to do their part and hungry for tangible solutions on combatting climate change. Innovation has brought several great climate initiatives and solutions into existence (outside of air cargo), and we expect industry-specific regulations to follow closely, necessitating rapid response to trigger immediate climate action from the air cargo supply chain. CargoAi has spent much of 2022’s final quarter broadcasting our Cargo2ZERO solution to be part of the communal action that the industry can create together – ‘Tech for Good’, is, after all what we stand for. 

We anticipate that education about decarbonisation and climate action will remain a challenge, but more importantly we see the industry is keen to ‘level up’ and we are committed to being part of the transformation.  

People are central to the industry’s climate change and digitalisation agenda. Because of the actual impacts they will feel in their lifetime, the young workforce joining, and currently in, air cargo sector resist working in an industry that will negatively impact their quality of life in the long term. Having grown up in a ultra-connected environment, using tech and efficient workflows is their default way of working.  Companies that are ahead of the curve in both regards, and strongly embrace inclusive and diverse cultures, will have an edge in attracting and retaining talent. In the last year, CargoAi has significantly increased its team and we are proud to have talented and experienced individuals across the globe speaking various different languages, all equally passionate about our vision and mission.  Credit must also go to the excellent work they have done in enabling CargoAi to be recognised by the industry with winning the “Digital Innovation Award 2022” granted by Air Cargo News and being a winner at TIACA’S Air Cargo Sustainability Awards 2022. 

In short, we expect the trends of digitalisation and sustainability to not only continue, but rather to accelerate throughout the industry in 2023. This time next year, CargoAi looks forward to seeing the industry in an efficient and hyperconnected ecosystem and feeling a lot more assured about the climate actions that have been taken in 2023.