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Priscilla Bueno

TIACA Board Member

Chief Transformation Officer, Board Member Craft Group

As an advocate for long term view with short term action, I find that complex problem solving, inspiriting people and a good dose of creativity, curiosity, generosity and perspective, can promote change at a fast and steady pace.

Being an executive at Craft for the past 16+ years, with degrees in International Relations and in Marketing, has taught me much about entrepreneurship and applying cultural intelligence driven to results, as well as a keeping a close eye into the market and all our relationship channels in order to find solutions in the complex logistics world. It’s more about asking the right questions, than knowing all the answers. Moreover, air cargo was where my history begins and where my passion lies.

Having been immersed on boardroom, governance and innovation advanced programmes has helped me greatly in collaborating towards change in the landscape of Craft, the leading reference in wholesaling and groupage transport in the Americas, with +750 people in 10 countries. Promoting stakeholder change on a larger scale, whilst guaranteeing visibility to our markets, would be a major accomplishment.

As a mother, an animal lover, a writer, an art buff and a volunteer to social and education organizations, my dreams of the future all involve helping create a safe and inspirational environment for our future generations. Being at places where we can observe and impact the world alongside those who share the same values in the industry that moves the world, moves me.