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Transportation of COVID-19 Vaccines

Sunrays Project to help air cargo industry get ready

As pharmaceutical companies race to deliver COVID-19 vaccines, requirements are changing on a regular basis and our industry needs to have a full understanding on the impact it will have on the global supply chain, specifically, logistics requirements and the air cargo industry readiness. 

TIACA and Pharma.Aero joined forces and launched Sunrays project in August 2020 to help the air cargo industry get ready for this unprecedented challenge.

Program objectives

  • Provide the air cargo industry with clarity of the needs and expectations from vaccines producers and better visibility on future COVID-19 vaccines specifications impacting logistics, like manufacturing sites, production volumes, handling and storage specificities, track and trace requirements.
  • Provide pharma shippers with more visibility on existing airfreight capabilities: infrastructure on the ground, airfreight capacity, expertise, as well as better understanding of constraints and needs from airfreight providers to serve them adequately.


Both organizations realized that staying abreast of new developments and open communication was key to raise preparedness of the industry. To this end, both organisations are announcing our first volume of the VACscene, a regular member newsletter that details an overview of latest Covid-19 vaccine key statistics, as well as news on vaccine production and supply chains, a monthly volume will be available.

Watch the March 4th Sunrays webinar on demand. 

  • Overview of 2nd whitepaper
  • Insights from industry (Airline, Ground Handler and Airport)
  • UNICEF update
  • Panel discussion on air cargo communities

Download second Sunrays white paper for recommended practices and insights for effective COVID-19 vaccine air transportation and handling

Part of the original Project Sunrays scope, the group developed guidelines for the air cargo and pharmaceutical industry to use in the transportation and handling of the COVID-19 vaccines. 

Download Sunrays white paper to understand vaccines’ logistics specifications and readiness of air cargo industry

In September, we had concerns about the lack of preparedness sentiment within the global air cargo industry revealed by the 1st airfreight readiness survey (. Two months later, it is encouraging to see higher readiness with 46% of the respondents feeling well prepared and an industry average improving to 6.92 out of 10.

Read the full survey results analysis of the 2nd survey (pdf):

Cargo4Vaccines Webinar including 2nd survey results (YouTube):

Read the full survey results analysis (pdf):

Sunrays survey results webinar (YouTube):


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