Training: investing in people to enhance safety, maintain top quality and be future-proof

TIACA is committed to educating our future air cargo professionals through our partnership with Strategic Aviation Solutions International (SASI).

  • A strategic collaboration between TIACA and SASI to develop that next generation of leaders as part of TIACA’s educational commitment to the air cargo industry.
  • An excellent platform for existing management to learn latest developments in the logistics supply chain and how it will affect the future.


Programs developed are:

Air Cargo Professional Development Program

TIACA’s Air Cargo Professional Development (ACPD) Program is a three-and-a-half-day workshop tailored for air freight logistics professionals, developed and facilitated by SASI’s experienced air cargo and supply chain practitioners.

The ACPD enhances understanding and cooperation of the entire air cargo supply chain through the participation of all the component sectors.

This program assesses market trends and its impact on your business, evaluate the opportunities and challenges in the air cargo supply chain and innovate to strengthen and re-position your organization.

Who should attend:

Airlines, airports, authorities responsible for air cargo, security officials, last mile service providers, logistics service providers, I.T. companies, financial institutions and anyone interested in air cargo.

What will participants learn:

TIACA’s ACPD Program addresses the specific needs of the air freight industry, giving participants practical information and skills they need to apply back at work and succeed on a day-to-day basis, in addition to assessing the strategic environment.

Participants develop management and decision-making skills, including financial analysis, brand management, marketing, revenue management, and business ethics along with the critical leadership skills.

The workshops provide the perfect backdrop for raising questions and thoughts, creating the process of change required for industry development and growth.

ACPD schedule

Europe TBD
Canada TBD
United States TBD
Asia TBD

For more information and registrations, please contact TIACA at

Safe Supply Chain

This ICAO course will provide the entities in the air and mail cargo supply chain with the necessary knowledge and skills to work together effectively to ensure that cargo is handled and transported appropriately in a safe & efficient manner within the ICAO’s regulatory framework.

The course also addresses the ‘what causes’ and ‘why it could impact’ the safety of the supply chain through an understanding of the global market and supply chain trends.

The Safe Supply Chain program is a 3-day course, developed and facilitated by SASI and TIACA.

Who should attend:

All stakeholders in the air cargo supply chain including regulators, carriers, ground handling agents, logistics service providers, online retailers and shippers. Personnel who would benefit would be safety inspectors, safety and risk managers and senior supervisors and DG specialists.

Participants will be able to:

  • Recognize the economic impact of air cargo globally
  • Analyze supply chain trends affecting the safety of the supply chain
  • Describe the background and the need for safety through the supply chain
  • Explain ICAO’s role and method of facilitating a safe supply chain
  • Recognize the role of multiple stakeholders in ensuring a safe supply chain
  • Identify various elements involved in the supply chain which would pose safety hazards
  • Identify and assess risks and apply mitigation methods

Participants will be required to take a written examination at the end of the course.

Safe Supply Chain program schedule:

Montreal – TBA

For more information, please contact TIACA at and ICAO. For registrations, please contact ICAO.