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In partnership with Strategic Aviation Solutions International (SASI).

  •  A strategic collaboration between TIACA and SASI to develop that next generation of leaders as part of TIACA’s educational commitment to the air cargo industry
  •  Excellent platform for existing management to learn latest developments in the logistics supply chain and how it will affect the future.
  •  The ACPD enhances understanding and cooperation of the entire air cargo supply chain through the participation of all the component sectors
  •  Assess market trends and its impact on your business, evaluate the opportunities and challenges in the air cargo supply chain and innovate to strengthen and reposition your organization

Who should attend:

Airlines, Airports, Authorities responsible for air cargo, Forwarders, Security officials, Last mile service providers, I.T. Companies and Financial institutions.

TIACA’s Air Cargo Professional Development (ACPD) Programme is a three-and-a-half-day workshop tailored for air freight logistics professionals, facilitated by experienced air cargo and supply chain practitioners.

TIACA’s ACPD Programme addresses the specific needs of the air freight industry, giving participants the practical information and skills they need to apply back at work and succeed on a day-to-day basis.

Participants develop management and decision-making skills, including financial analysis, brand management, marketing, revenue management, and business ethics along with the critical leadership skills.

The workshops provide the perfect backdrop for raising questions and thoughts, creating the process of change required for industry development and growth.


What participants say :


I really appreciated the respect from the start and sharing of experience and knowledge from the leaders, participants, and guest speakers.

Patrick Teixeira-Ribeiro, AirBridgeCargo


You think you know everything about the air cargo supply chain? You don’t! Take this course and you will get new views on the same topic from different angles and diverse participants in the air cargo supply chain.

  Markus von Hesse, Panalpina


The course challenged the way I think and made me realize that a change starts with me.

 Elize Werner, DN Freight


  • Internship aims to encourage next generation of air cargo leaders to improve industry collaboration
  • Program involves vertical integration of the supply chain with complete openness and transparency

TIACA’s Air Cargo Supply Chain Internship allows young professionals from different companies to complete a program of visits aimed at improving collaboration across the air cargo supply chain.

Students visit each other’s sites to gain a better understanding of processes and explore new ways of collaborating.

TIACA’s Air Cargo Supply Chain Internship was launched by TIACA, as part of the association’s commitment to training and supporting the next generation of air cargo leaders.

What students say:

What we have found is that by working closely together there is a lot to gain every step of the way. Currently we optimize our own processes and we do a good job, but issues arise around the transfer of information as well as the physical hand-over process. For the air cargo supply chain to grow, we need to understand how to work better together with our partners.

 Jeroen Leemans, Sales Manager, Jan de Rijk Logistics