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Week 1 - Digital Air Cargo Forum Recap

The first week of TIACA’s Digital Air Cargo Forum seemed to have an underlying theme: collaboration, digitalization and the importance of air cargo. While each session was focused on a specific topic, People4Cargo, Sustainability4Cargo and Airports4Cargo these factors consistently contributed to the discussions.

Key take a ways from the sessions are as follows:


  • COVID Crisis has made it obvious that our industry is essential and show how meaningful our employees roles are
  • It is important to maintain the human touch in a digital environment
  • Re-imagining of work flows and speeding up decisions ensures team stays strong and connected
  • Importance of sharing vision and engaging teams
  • Need for transparency, re-skilling and re-tooling employees during transition
  • Diversity allows for different perspectives and can bring a richness of experience
  • Leaders must show “Ownership” of their role and vision

“It is our journey, our responsibility and we must show a commitment to our people.”


  • “Yes” sustainability does matter to the air cargo industry
  • Sustainability is a real strategic priority for cargo companies and they have concrete actions in place
  • Our industry remains committed to reducing its environmental footprint and many companies have implemented digital transformation, operational improvements and addressed reliability and quality of service issues putting us on track to being more sustainable.
  • The COVID crisis has added a new dimension to sustainability which our industry has rapidly adapted to – Resiliency.
  • To accomplish sustainability goals we must rely on partnership and engage with our partners


  • Air cargo is important and we are finally getting recognition
  • Cargo has been identified as the “saver of airlines” during this crisis
  • Cargo can strengthen the business case for airport investments
  • Moving forward airports need to implement data sharing platforms
  • Need for transparency and collaboration amongst all of the cargo players
  • We need to keep the focus on cargo after the pandemic; this can be done by
    • Innovation;
    • Awareness and storytelling;
    • Keeping cargo a focus during Board meetings; and
    • Utilizing the existing networks such as TIACA and ACI

The message coming out of the Digital Air Cargo Forum was pretty clear this week, we need to work in concert with each other to make our industry stronger through innovation, collaboration and digitization.

We invite you to register to attend next week’s Digital Air Cargo Forum sessions:

Vaccines4Cargo – December 8th 2pm CET
Drones4Cargo – December 9th 2pm CET
UnitingAirCargo – December 10th 2pm CET

Get more information and register.